Earlier this week the first guests were let into the brand new Shanghai Disneyland Resort during the park's first soft opening (also known as a technical rehearsal). These guests mainly consisted of Cast Members, their families, and of course a few VIPs, and during this initial "dry run" Disney has been able to test operations at its newest park before its grand opening next month on June 16th. And though things are generally going pretty well at this park during this pre-opening phase, there have been a few mishaps in this Shanghai Disneyland's early days that Disney probably didn't anticipate... 

1. Ride through videos make a big splash on YouTube  

Image: Disney

Ride-through videos are nothing new, as there are plenty of great YouTube channels that allow guests to check out everything from the new Hyperspace Mountain at Disneyland to the long-closed Superstar Limo from the comfort of their living room. However, with Shanghai Disneyland not open to the public yet, Disney was probably hoping that guests’ first experiences with all of the new attractions, parades and shows at this park would be at the park itself, instead of through a shaky, smartphone video with limited audio and out of focus views.

Though the Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure attraction video in particular has excited guests online, this video (which has amassed nearly 400,000 views in just three days), the fact is that this type of low-quality video sells the attraction short, and may make the attraction a bit less impressive for those who watch the video before they go.

Image: Disney 

Even if you aren’t planning on going to Shanghai Disneyland any time soon, the full video of the Soarin’ Around the World attraction, which is coming to both Epcot and Disney California Adventure has also leaked out of this park’s soft opening as well, which likely isn’t a development Disney was hoping for, as they have been building anticipation for this attraction for several years, not only in Shanghai, but stateside as well. 

2.  No balloons allowed on the train

Image: Disney

One of the most iconic souvenirs from a Disney park is the Mickey Mouse balloon. Though these inflatable souvenirs aren’t meant to last forever, plenty of guests love to bring them home after a Disney visit for a lasting reminder of their trip. However, recent visitors to Shanghai Disneyland have discovered the 60 yuan ($9) Mickey Mouse balloons that are being sold at the park are actually prohibited items on the nearby metro train, and security personnel have been requiring guests to throw their balloons in the trash before boarding, according to China Daily, citing safety concerns about the hydrogen gas in the inflatables. Some officials have suggested that Disney warn guests before selling them a balloon that these items are not allowed on the train, and if all inflatable items are indeed prohibited on these commuter rails, that may be the best option for the resort. 



The stateside parks are squeaky clean? Hardly. Those days are long gone, well before everyone started blaming Shanghai for cutbacks.
And please, enough already about the "swarm" vandalizing the shopping plaza. All of the reports have been massively overstated. This stuff happens in the stateside parks all the time. All. The. Time.
What is it with all the Orlando bloggers and the Shanghai hate? Much ado about nothing.

It's Disney's fault that people trashed the place? How about people learn to toss their trash and not vandal? I am sure the staff was working hard to keep it clean. Yes, I am sure they hired more sweepers... and security.

The average price of a fast food meal in the US is $7. I'm not sure what McDonald's you're referring too. Disney food prices are pretty comparable to buying food in any large city.

You say that balloons are banned on the Metro due to the Hydrogen gas. Doesn't Disney fill the balloons with Helium in China like they do in the rest of the world?
Helium is an inert gas with with no side effects, apart from a squeaky voice if inhaled.

In reply to by Dave Bower (not verified)

I'm sure they do. But who's to say someone couldn't take a Mickey-like balloon, fill it with hydrogen, and ignite it on a train?

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