In recent years, Walt Disney World fans have become increasingly critical of the resort’s penchant for turning almost anything into an upcharge event. From early mornings at the Magic Kingdom to a trip on the Bay Lake Ferryboats during the Magic Kingdom's nightly Wishes spectacular, there are plenty of little “extras” that are currently available for those guests who really want to indulge on their Walt Disney World vacation and don't mind spending a little money. 

However, like everything else at the resort, even upcharge events at Walt Disney World have a shelf life, and the time may be coming soon for three of these events to be discontinued at the resort. Though nothing has been confirmed by Disney quite yet regarding the future of these events, let’s look at some of the evidence that suggests the following experiences could be in danger of being cancelled in the very near future:

 1. Club Villain 

Club Villain made its sinful debut earlier this year to great fanfare, with many guests who attended this event's initial run praising the excellent atmosphere, delicious food and memorable character encounters available during an evening at Club Villain. And of course that's not including the well-stocked bar, which has a great selection of beer, wine and specialty cocktails available for guests to sip. 

Even though the initial price for this experience was a little steep at $99 per person, guests were able to partake in as much food (and drink from the bar) as they liked, and were also guaranteed meet and greets with characters who are not typically found at Walt Disney World's theme parks during regular hours (villains only really appear during Halloween at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and even then, command long lines).With all these benefits, the expensive cost of admission to Club Villain seemed justified for many. Even when the price jumped several weeks ago to $129 for regular guests (annual passholders and Disney Vacation Club members still pay $99), Club Villain has remained extremely popular during the spring months, with all the event nights in May selling out or having very limited availability. 

However, even with this event's continuing popularity (despite its price increase) Disney has yet to extend Club Villain's run. For comparison, Club Villain was extended in March until the end of May after its initial run sold out. However, as we are now three weeks away from the final announced Club Villain date, and thus far, no further extension has been confirmed, we're a little nervous about the future of this event. While it is of course possible that Disney could offer a last-minute extension, it is also possible that the resort will simply end Club Villain's five-month run at the end of May, and will either cancel this event for good at the end of the month, or perhaps decide to bring it back after the busy summer season later this year. 



FWIW, we attended the Ferrytale Wishes when we were in mouseland last December, and we thought it wasn't worth the extra money.

Later in the same trip, after I had eaten at the Kona Cafe, my wife went back to the hotel, and I enjoyed Wishes from the Polynesian boat landing. I just wish I had thought to bring the better camera gear that I had during the Ferrytale trip.

Noooo... the Star Wars Desert Party is one of the main things we are looking forward to for our next trip! My kids are Star Wars obsessed and we love themed food! Could they at least open a Star Wars themed restaurant before they end it??

We attended the Star Wars dessert party the last week of April. While I can say that the FW show was the best I've seen in a very long time, the desserts and drinks at this party were very mediocre. Couple that with standing only tables, and for me, it becomes something that I don't think is worth the price. We did get a cute Chewie mug, but not sure yet what the heck I'm going to do with it. Next time, I'll bring along something to sit on, and join a thousand of my closest friends sitting on the pavement and watching the spectacular show for free.

No, not sorry to see them go. Enough with the upcharges already! Seems to me that Disney Parks had become successful before all the upcharge events and now all of them are starting to make people shy away from the parks. Hmmmm are the people trying to tell them something....? "Too Much of a good thing" maybe? Especially when the up charge events really don't live up to the charges! MNSSHP and MVMCP being two of them, were ok, but I would not go back due to the price increases and "Upcharges". Seems many are with me, "been there, done that" and not worth the extra money to do it again.

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