2. Disney After Hours 

Ever since the $150 Disney After Hours upcharge experience was announced, the very idea of this event has been controversial. However, even though the resort has tried offering half-price tickets for annual passholders, as recently as one week ago, Disney was still giving tickets away to Disney Vacation Club members as well as those staying at certain resorts in an effort to goose attendance at this flagging event.

Unfortunately, when you have an event that is already outrageously expensive to attend, and you can’t even give tickets away to guests, you’ve got a recipe for cancellation. When Disney After Hours was first announced some hypothesized that this event was Disney’s way of “testing the waters” for a paid version of Extra Magic Hours for non-resort guests. However, if that’s true, it looks like Disney’s first attempt to monetize its extra operating hours was a spectacular failure. Now of course that doesn’t mean Disney won’t try again, but for now at least we wouldn’t expect the current form of Disney After Hours (or its outrageous price point) to return again to the Magic Kingdom any time soon.

3. Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party

Image: Disney  

As you may have heard, the current Star Wars nightly spectacular, Symphony in the Stars, will be having its last performance this summer to make way for the brand new Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular show. And while you might assume that the dessert party that accompanies the current Star Wars show will return for this new nightly spectacular (after all, they’ll barely even need to change the name), we’re not so sure.

For one thing, the current dessert party at Disney’s Hollywood Studios simply isn’t all that popular. Though the Wishes Dessert party over at the Magic Kingdom attracts its fair share of guests on a regular basis, Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ dessert parties (perhaps with the exception of the recent Frozen Party) just haven’t attracted that many guests over the years and often sit half empty on most nights. 

Image: Disney

Couple this event's unpopularity with the fact that the new show will heavily rely on projection effects, which might not be as easily visible from the side of the park where current dessert party attendees enjoy their reserved viewing, and you’ve got a situation where guests may not see the value in a dessert party where they might not be able to enjoy the full show.

While we won’t be able to say for sure what will happen with this dessert party and the new show until it debuts later this year, we wouldn’t be surprised if Disney’s Hollywood Studios nixes the dessert party idea altogether and leaves the nighttime spectacular upcharge events to the Magic Kingdom (and to a lesser extent, Epcot). 

Magic Kingdom at night

Image: Disney 

Would you be upset to see any of these upcharge events discontinued? Or are you hoping Disney extends some of them? Tell us what you think below!


No, not sorry to see them go. Enough with the upcharges already! Seems to me that Disney Parks had become successful before all the upcharge events and now all of them are starting to make people shy away from the parks. Hmmmm are the people trying to tell them something....? "Too Much of a good thing" maybe? Especially when the up charge events really don't live up to the charges! MNSSHP and MVMCP being two of them, were ok, but I would not go back due to the price increases and "Upcharges". Seems many are with me, "been there, done that" and not worth the extra money to do it again.

We attended the Star Wars dessert party the last week of April. While I can say that the FW show was the best I've seen in a very long time, the desserts and drinks at this party were very mediocre. Couple that with standing only tables, and for me, it becomes something that I don't think is worth the price. We did get a cute Chewie mug, but not sure yet what the heck I'm going to do with it. Next time, I'll bring along something to sit on, and join a thousand of my closest friends sitting on the pavement and watching the spectacular show for free.

Noooo... the Star Wars Desert Party is one of the main things we are looking forward to for our next trip! My kids are Star Wars obsessed and we love themed food! Could they at least open a Star Wars themed restaurant before they end it??

FWIW, we attended the Ferrytale Wishes when we were in mouseland last December, and we thought it wasn't worth the extra money.

Later in the same trip, after I had eaten at the Kona Cafe, my wife went back to the hotel, and I enjoyed Wishes from the Polynesian boat landing. I just wish I had thought to bring the better camera gear that I had during the Ferrytale trip.

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