Even though the International Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot is still in full bloom, this particular park has been sparsely populated the past few weeks, which has actually been a nice change for those of us who like to casually stroll around Epcot with plenty of elbow room. However, while we were taking in the sights on a recent trip to Epcot, we noticed a number of quiet changes happening here that some fans may not have immediately noticed, including a few that recent guests at this park may have just walked on by! 

1. It looks like the end of the line for the Future World tip boards

Ever since the implementation of My Disney Experience a few years ago, Disney has been slowly phasing out the wait time tip boards that used to be found all around the Walt Disney World theme parks. And though Epcot held on to its Future World tip boards for some time after these boards were evicted from the other parks, current Epcot guests who walk by the tip boards in front of The Land as well as Mission: Space will see that these boards have recently been deactivated and covered up (like in the picture above). If Epcot follows the example of other Walt Disney World parks,we'd expect these boards to be removed completely in the coming weeks. 

Though parks like nearby Universal Orlando Resort continue to use tip boards around their parks in an effort to provide current attraction wait times to those that don’t have access to their smartphones (or just don't want to download another app), it looks like this type of amenity has now officially become a thing of the past at Walt Disney World with the deactivation (and likely removal) of these last remaining tip boards. 

2. A mystery stage appears in the World Showcase's Germany Pavilion 

Though Disney usually announces projects both big and small quite some time in advance, something interesting has happened at the World Showcase's Germany Pavilion in recent weeks: a new stage has been installed! This stage is pretty small and is tucked away in the seating area of the pavilion near the Snow White meet and greet, and if you‘ve been to the park recently, you probably walked right by this stage without even noticing it!

Considering the location of this small stage and the fact that it has a rear access door, we’d guess this new stage is for some kind of new entertainment offering (possibly a musical performer of some sort?), but with no announcement from the park, we have no way to really know what’s going on here. Hopefully we’ll find out soon though (feel free to leave your theories about this mystery stage below in the comments!)  



I think the "small stage" is going to be a meet and greet area for Frozen. I can see Olaf in there, or the sisters, keeping cool and a quick escape when they are hot.

I'm getting really frustrated at the growing disconnect between how much I love Epcot and how little they give me to love. It's still a beautiful, ambitious, astonishing space. But between the 30 year old movies in World Showcase and the number of old Future World attractions that have been turned into something either less intelligent or less well made, the park is a shadow of its former self. Yes, I still love it, but it's really fallen on hard times. When I hear the gate price keeps going up while budgets are being cut, I get really nervous about what the results will look like...

I miss the tip boards and the digital ones at EPCOT Future World fit right in there. I hope that they bring them back in a new and upgraded form (other than with just the app).

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