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6 Strange Revelations About the Future of Tokyo Disney Resort We Did NOT See Coming

3. A new theater is constructed in Fantasyland

Image: Disney

Behind the new ride, a brand new theater for live productions will also be constructed in the coming years. Thus far, nothing has been revealed about the kinds of shows that will be housed at this new venue, but the official announcement does state that the productions housed here will be exclusive to Tokyo Disneyland, which means we won’t be seeing familiar productions like Disney California Adventure's upcoming Frozen show or Mickey and the Magical Map, and will instead be looking forward to something completely new. 

4. Big Hero 6 gets its first Disney park ride 

Image: Disney

Though the Big Hero 6 film was quite the hit both in the US and internationally, this Oscar-winning feature hasn’t really received much attention at Disney parks beyond simple character meet and greets. However, it looks like Tokyo Disneyland will get the world’s first Big Hero 6 ride, which will be will be built in Tomorrowland between Space Mountain and the aforementioned new Beauty and the Beast area. This new attraction will be a musical flat ride, similar to Mater's Junkyard Jamboree at Disney California Adventure, and is being described as a “whip ride” that will swing riders unpredictably round and round, with Baymax on hand to help guide the action. 

5. Soarin’ flies in to Tokyo DisneySea's Mediterranean Harbor with unique elements

Image: Disney

Over at Tokyo DisneySea, it has been announced that international Disney parks hit Soarin’ will finally be making its Japanese debut in 2019 (a year earlier than all the other announced projects). However, in an interesting development, this version of Soarin' won’t just be a straight up clone of the American and Chinese versions of Soarin’ Around the World. In this new version of Soarin', guests will be able to check out original scenes, and will also board unique gliders (as seen above) that have been designed to fit into the park's Mediterranean Harbor theme.

6. High fashion focused Minnie Mouse meet and greet set for Toontown

Finally, it was announced that the Toontown area of Tokyo Disneyland will be gaining a new meet and greet experience in the near future featuring Mickey Mouse's best gal Minnie Mouse. In this new meet and greet, guests will be able to visit Minnie's fashion studio, which will have plenty of interactive elements for guests to check out. After they have taken a quick stroll around the studio, guests will then be able to meet and take pictures with fashion designer Minnie herself, dressed in an amazing costume showcasing the latest trends. 

Though it looks like the plans for Tokyo Disney Resort have changed substantially from when they were originally announced, we can't help but feel excited about the future of this resort. And while it will be between 3-4 years before these projects come to fruition, chances are good that Disney fans will be able to check out the new Beauty and the Beast and Big Hero 6 rides detailed above long before they ever set foot in Star Wars Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios, so at least there's that. Are you excited for these newly-announced rides and attractions? 
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There are 2 comments.

Just to make a reminder about this whole future project of Tokyo Disney Resort and the two parks. I remember that the original announcement of all of this, which did include moving IAsW and a new Alice attraction in it's place, was a several year plan that, with my math at the time, would amount to a lot more stuff being designed, created and installed by....2023. So the fact (at least for now) that they're only going to 2020 with this, is pretty encouraging that there might indeed, still be more stuff around the Resort corner.

They never said Frozen was not happening. The space is still there and it could still be in development.


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