While the Disney Vacation Club may not be for everyone, for those that have taken the plunge and invested the money in DVC ownership, the various privileges that come with this timeshare program have made it a good enough value to justify the steep initial investment required to join Disney's timeshare program. 

However, Disney tuned heads earlier this week when they announced that, effective immediately, guests who do not purchase an ownership interest directly from Disney Vacation Development Inc. will no longer be able to use Disney's membership extras program for DVC owners, which includes discounts on shopping, dining, and theme park tickets (including annual passes), plus access to special events including after-hours parties, movie screenings and more. Guests who purchase resale DVC will also not be elligible to recieve a DVC ID card. 

Obviously, this is quite a controversial change, but it is not an entirely unexpected one, as Disney wants DVC members to feel that they are getting a premium value from the steep prices they pay per point. Couple this with the fact that DVC is one of the only timeshares that retains enough value over time to make selling a profitable (and occasionally lucrative) endeavor, and its a wonder why Disney has taken this long to implement such a program. Obviously, this is a big move for DVC and will certainly have some immediate as well long-lasting effects. However, let's get one big question DVC owners might have out of the way first...

1. If you already have your resale DVC, you can keep your perks 

Hilton Head Resort

Image: Disney

Let’s note right off the bat that even though this new policy goes into effect immediately for new Disney Vacation Club owners who purchase resale, if you already own points that were bought via resale and use these perks, there will be no change. You can still attend DVC events, and your discounts will still apply to merchandise, food, etc. This change only applies to those who purchased resale on or after April 5th, 2016. Additionally, if you purchased initially directly through Disney, but are looking to add points via resale at a later date, this change will not affect you either. So now that we’ve gotten the obvious out of the way, let’s look at some broader implications of this decision…   

2. This is just the latest move to crack down on resales 

Disney Vacation Club

Just like with any timeshare, Disney Vacation Club points can legally be sold on the resale market. But just like a car dealership doesn’t have to offer an extended warranty to someone you sell your vehicle to, Disney doesn’t have to provide benefits to those who are purchasing their points this way. And while the removal of discounts and special event access are certainly the most dramatic change of policy when it comes to resale DVC, it certainly isn’t the first.

In fact, while direct Disney Vacation club point purchasers have enjoyed a great deal of freedom when it comes to spending their points, it wasn’t all that long ago that Disney barred resale owners from using their points to reserve Disney Cruise Line trips, book Adventures by Disney packages or stay at participating third-party hotels.



Unless you needed the money I always wondered why owners just don't rent their points. I also hope the prices come down in resale so I can hopefully scoop up some more points at a cheaper rate. Thanks for the insight.

The change does seem a little unfair, after all, the resale owners are would not be getting these perks for free. They still have dues to pay of $5+ per point

I don't agree at all that these are "massive" changes or that they will have any meaningful impact on the resale market at all. One buys DVC for the lodging, not for extras like discounts that aren't part of the contract anyway. We bought resale and will gladly do so again!

So glad I bought off the resale market in December!

This really isn't new in the timeshare industry. Disney has always more liberal to those purchasing in the resale market and this just brings them in line with the rest of the industry. It is mainly to protect the value of those who purchase through Disney.

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