It is no secret that Walt Disney World is going through a period of rapid growth and development the likes of which hasn't been seen since the Disney Decade. However, some interesting changes are happening at Disneyland Resort as well. From the re-introduction of an event after a six-year absence to the closure of a fan favorite attraction and even whispers of west-coast budget cuts that mirror those currently happening in Orlando, there are plenty of important things happening right now at the Disneyland Resort that all Disney fans should be aware of. 

1. Honda officially becomes a sponsor for Autopia 

Image: Disney

While fan opinions about the Autopia attraction at Disneyland are diverse, this attraction just picked up a major sponsor this week that could bring some interesting changes to this attraction when it re-opens later this year. Though attraction fans probably already know that Autopia vehicles use Honda engines, the Japanese automaker announced that it is has now officially signed on as the sponsor for this iconic attraction.

Perhaps most interestingly, it was revealed in Honda’s announcement that this partnership will bring “an update to the attraction's look and storyline” that has already begun (the ride is currently closed for refurbishment) and will continue over the next several months. 

Image: Disney

While we don't know what changes are coming to this ride, it shouldn't be too long before we find out, as this attraction's refurbishment is scheduled to end at the end of next month. While Autopia is undoubtedly a Disneyland classic, it will be interesting to see what kind of changes Honda is able to bring to this Tomorrowland attraction without compromising what made Autopia such a iconic part of the park's history and identity. 

2. Mad T Party closes (again) at Disney California Adventure

Mad T Party

Image: Disney

For the past few years, Disney California Adventure guests have enjoyed the Mad T Party nighttime entertainment offering, which features live music, dancing and an assortment of themed food and drinks. Though this evening event was already cancelled once back in 2014 to make way for a Frozen dance party, it returned again in 2015 to take guests down the rabbit hole one more time.

However, unfortunately for fans of this entertainment offering, Mad T Party is closing yet again, with its final night of operation set for today, March 30th, 2016. While Disney's announcement makes it seem like this is a final goodbye, considering this event's previous return, this could simply be another temporary measure taken to free up some space for another event set to kick off at Disney California Adventure this weekend... 



No,no,no!!! Not shorter hours! For us in Hawaii, that live so far away, a trip to DL can only come every few years or so. We try to make the most of the trip by staying at the park the whole day, and the planned shorter hours will make a difference. We usually stay about a week, because the air fare will be the same whether we go three days or seven days. So for seven days, we would have seven less hours in the park! Not good, Disneyland!

don't like the reduced hours or the portion cur backs as food is already expensive enough. and reducing the staff at attractions is a set up for failure.

In reply to by james schneider (not verified)

I totally agree! I think this is going to be a very bad move. Especially because Disneyland does cater more to the near by guests that come for the weekend or on the spur of the moment.

Also, the idea of the reduction in portion size for food is very disappointing! I mean, we already pay $8-$10 for a basic sandwich. If you are going to slash portion size, then slash prices too!!

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