Theme park attractions come and go all the time, and even though we’d like all our favorite rides and shows to stick around forever, the sad fact is that we have to say goodbye to at least a few every year.

With the end of the spring break holiday now upon us, Disney is making some big cuts at every single park at Walt Disney World. In fact in just 12 days, 10 attractions, shops and restaurants will be removed from the lineup. And in case you missed it, the cuts already started late last week at the Magic Kingdom...

1: Town Square Meet and Greet with Marie 

Image: Disney 

Location: Magic Kingdom

Status: Extinct March 25, 2016

For several years now Marie from the Aristocats has been one of the first characters guests encountered when they entered the Magic Kingdom for the first time. However, Disney confirmed last week that this character's final day meeting guests in Town Square was last Friday, March 25th. Unfortunately, Marie has also stopped meeting guests at Epcot, which means that this character is currently not meeting anywhere at any of the Walt Disney World theme parks. Though she has not been replaced at Epcot, her former spot on Main Street has been taken over by Stitch, who will is meeting guests in this upfront area now and for the foreseeable future. 

2-8: The Streets of America (almost the whole land!)

Streets of America (New York Street) 

Location: Disney's Hollywood Studios

Status: Going extinct April 2, 2016

This week, almost the entire Streets of America section of Disney's Hollywood Studios will close, with a number of shops, attractions and restaurants going extinct in the process as Disney gets ready to clear this entire area to make room for Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land. In case you forgot, here's a quick run-down of all the attractions that will see their last days of operation on April 2nd, 2016:

- Lights Motors Action Extreme Stunt Show

- Monsters Inc Meet and Greet

- Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure

- The Earful Tower

- Studio Catering Company

- Watto's Grotto

- Youse Guys Moychendise 

The list certainly is massive, and while we're excited to see what Disney's newest projects bring to the park in the future, in the short term Disney's Hollywood Studios is getting the biggest downsizing in Walt Disney World history, with nearly a quarter of the park being wiped out in just one day. While we all knew this day was coming, that doesn't mean that the end of this land doesn't sting just a little, especially for longtime fans of this park as the Streets of America was one of the few remaining vestiges of the old MGM-Studios concept

Interestingly, the only part of the former Streets of America land that will be spared the bulldozer is the area around the MuppetVision 3D attraction, which is actually going to become the Muppet Courtyard in the next few days. Though nothing is expected to change at this new land (at least in the short term), guests who miss the Streets of America can at least hang out in this spot for now and reminisce about this former area. 



I am ALWAYS sad when attractions are removed from Walt Disney World!! But in this particular group listed to go, MARIE from THE ARISITOCATS has always been a special treat for my Mom (who is now 81). Our Disney trip always begins with Mom & I getting greeted by sweet, polite & beautiful Marie (who always makes a big deal about my Mom, who spends her Disney vacation in a wheelchair as it is exhausting for her, but the HIGHLIGHT of her life (as well as ours! Together as a family) visiting our "HOME~~WALT DISNEY WORLD". I wish they would NOT REMOVE MARIE COMPLETELY. At least please give her fans a place to have a joyful visit with her (SOMEWHERE).

My little boy loved the Lion Guard quest. I'm so glad we did this and got his badge!! It will be about 2-3 years before we can come back, so I look forward to seeing new stuff.

I don't really care much for any of these things, though I'm very upset to see the Earful tower go.
Also not sure why they thought Stitch would be a better fit on main street than in Tomorrowland. Oh well, Marie didn't make much sense there either.

don't update yourself out of business is there going to be much left to do at especially Hollywood park.

So, I can't take a photo in front of Mr Gold's Pawnbroker when I go in August?? :(

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