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3 Things to Remember about the CRAZIEST Disney Rumor We’ve Ever Heard

Late Saturday night a rumor started making the rounds online that involved one of the most beloved rides of all time, which you, dear Theme Park Tourist readers have named the best in all of Walt Disney World: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. 

Essentially, this rumor (which originated on WDWMagic's forums) states that this attraction (both at Disney California Adventure and at Disney's Hollywood Studios) will be getting a massive re-theme sometime next year, with the Twilight Zone branding getting the boot in favor of something completely different: Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

Let's put this in context: it's a rumor. From an online forum. Hundreds, probably thousands of such rumors circulate on Disney forums every single year. Most of them turn out to be completely unsubstantiated, and this one may well fall into that category too. It could well be outright nonsense, in fact.

But that hasn't stopped fans of the Tower of Terror from panicking. So, in an effort to at least provide some balance to a hysterical conversation, we wanted to go over exactly everything we know, not just about this rumor, but about the larger possibilities of Marvel at Disney parks as well.

1. Marvel Land and Disney California Adventure

Image: Disney 

Late last year California government officials approved a $1 Billion dollar expansion project for Disneyland Resort, which many assumed was related to Star Wars Land, which is currently under construction. However, the day after this project was approved, Joe Rohde, the Imagineer most famously known as the creative lead for Disney’s Animal Kingdom, was named the global lead for Marvel properties. 

While initially this seemed like it could be related to the Iron Man Experience opening soon at Hong Kong Disneyland, the timing of this announcement seemed to indicate that something big Marvel-related was in the works for Disneyland Resort, since Walt Disney World is essentially out of the equation when it comes to Marvel (except for a few notable exceptions, which we'll get to in just a second). 

Fast-forward to 2016, and there has been no official traction on any Marvel attractions, though rumors persist that Disney is looking at development of a full Marvel-themed land. And here's where this rumor comes in to play. According to those who are perpetuating this rumor, the genesis of the idea to re-theme the Tower of Terror came from Disney's desire to create an "entry point" for a future Marvel land at Disney California Adventure, which would be fleshed out later. While we're still extremely dubious to say the least, this would at least make a certain amount of sense at that one park. However, the rumor that has been circulating online also references another park as well... 

2. Guardians of the Galaxy and Walt Disney World

As Walt Disney World fans are no doubt well aware, Universal holds the exclusive in-park rights to Marvel characters east of the Mississippi, which is why you’ll never see Captain America, the Hulk, or any of the X-Men inside Walt Disney World's park gates (but you'll find plenty of merchandise at Disney Springs). However, there are two big exceptions to this rule. The first is Big Hero 6 (which currently has a presence at Epcot in the form of Future World's Baymax meet and greet), and the other is Guardians of the Galaxy, which isn't currently found at any park. So even though Walt Disney World fans might consider their version of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror automatically safe because of this rule, Guardians of the Galaxy's exemption makes it at least theoretically possible for this re-theme to come to Disney's Hollywood Studios as well. 

However, beyond whether something like this is legally feasible for the Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios or not (it is), the situation at Walt Disney World is even more complicated thanks to some other recent rumors that have popped up as well…

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There are 11 comments.

Can you imagine how great a Marvel land could be if they used all of the Hollywood area? That is a LOT of land. Raze everything but Tower and the theater and start over.

If this happens, more time & money for me to spend at Universal.

Disney, wake up. We like you, we really do. We want to support you and do often. You have iconic rides, that if you mess with your fanbase's childhoods & times of enjoyment.

Don't mess with a passionate fanbase's fond memories. See the disastrous results from the Fantastic Four movie to see what happens if you do.

Disney was not involved with the recent Fantastic Four reboot. The movie rights to those characters still belong to FOX.

They CANNNOT GET RID OF ROCK AND ROLLERCOASTER! That is the best ride in Disney and a rethemeing would ruin the ride. Kids who are guardians of the galaxy fans would not want to go on a 3 inversion loop coaster. Aerosmith fits perfectly and the attraction should be updated with Aerosmith's new look currently.

I am very unhappy with all of the switching and changing. As it is they keep taking away beloved rides. It was enough for them to take out Maelstrom, to change over everything to Star Wars and now to think about taking out an attraction such as the Tower of Terror? It's ridiculous and frankly, borderline offensive. Keep the parks classic. Walt would be very upset if he could see what's going on today.

If they do this I think it should be a new ride/show/building. Leave RNRRC and ToT alone. Stop taking current rides and changing them. Heck build the 5th gate. That's been rumored for years...

I would hope that these are just rumors, and never end up happening. While I am not a huge fan of riding ToT, since I hate drops, it is a Disney Icon. They have taken out other icons in recent years, such as the Sorcerers Hat, and ToT still remains a really popular ride. Furthermore, Tot is such a beautiful picture opportunity. If they do give it an overhaul, I think it would be highly disappointed. It is going to alienate fans of the parks, and only draw fans of certain movie franchises. As for RocknRoller Coaster, the only thing that could use an update is the video before the ride. The ride itself is, like ToT, a huge fan favorite. It is one of only 2 or 3 roller coasters that I will do, and I have never met someone who rode it and had a bad experience, although I am sure that has happened. If it ain't broke, don't fix it Disney. If you really want to make this Gotg plan to happen, make it its own world, like how Universal did The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. But don't take out or overhaul rides that your loyal fan base love!

There is NO WAY Tower of Terror is going anywhere. It is too popular of an attraction as it is now.

I do believe we will see a new skin for Rock 'n' Rollercoaster, though. With Areosmith no longer together and Steven Tyler looking like an 80 year old woman, something more contemporary is needed. I think painting the track black and trying to emulate a space ship ride in either the Star Wars or Guardians of the Galaxy universes is the most likely change we will see.

Tower of Terror and Rock n Roller Coaster won't get returned since their nowhere near the Star Wars area of Hollywood Studios plus fans would flip out if both rides were removed or changed.

It's not "just a rumor from an online forum." It was dropped by a VERY reliable source, not just some random poster. As much as I am not a fan of Spirit, his track record is very good.

Here's the thing- the rumors are stronger. Looks like mid September is the time to close DCA's TOT for the overlay. No news on WDW. (Again, these are just rumors!!)
I can't fathom it, but I'm biased as TOT is my favourite ride regardless of location. The atmosphere and Imagineering is perfect to the last minute detail, and it upsets me that they'd change it. I mean, since Guardians of the Galaxy had such a stellar soundtrack and fast paced theme, why not incorporate it into the Rock n' Roller Coaster? I'm grasping straws but I personally believe this IP grab has to stop.


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