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3 Confirmed Character Changes Coming to Walt Disney World Very Soon

Walt Disney World has been very focused in recent months on their character lineup, removing some of its less popular meet and greets from parks like the Magic Kingdom and adding new ones at places like Disney's Hollywood Studios, which will be in need of some propping up when the back half of the park finally closes for good in just a few weeks. However, even though Disney has made a lot of shifts to its character schedule in recent weeks, it looks like they’re not quite done making adjustments yet, as even more character changes have been confirmed to be in the works.

From the inclusion of Disney’s newest characters at the Magic Kingdom to a big new update that should bring some much-needed freshness to one of Epcot’s oldest character experiences, there is a lot of character changes going on in the next few weeks all across Walt Disney World.

1. Zootopia comes to the Magic Kingdom

Image: Disney 

Walt Disney Animation's latest film, Zootopia, has been a hit with both critics and audiences alike, and Disney has wisely decided to get characters from this new movie into the parks as soon as possible. And while Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps will be actually meeting guests and taking pictures on Hollywood Boulevard at Disney California Adventure park, the plan for these two characters is a little different for Walt Disney World. 

Instead of having a regular meet and greet, Judy and Nick will instead be joining other characters like the Genie, Baloo and King Louie as part of the daily Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It! Street Party at the Magic Kingdom starting in the next few weeks (a specific date has not been provided yet). Though these characters will be interacting with guests, they won't be able to pose for photos, sign autographs, or do anything other than dance along to the music during the street party. 

It’s a little weird that Disney isn’t setting up a traditional meet and greet for these characters but we’d assume that if this film blows up over the next few weeks (in a manner similar to Frozen) Judy and Nick might eventually replace Olaf at the Celebrity Spotlight over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and actually get their own meet and greet later this year. On the other hand, if the film only performs modestly, these characters might remain a part of the Magic Kingdom's dance party for the foreseeable future. 

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