No matter how you feel about the MyMagic+ system as a whole, it's undeniable that the advent of MagicBands and FastPass+ has fundamentally changed the way that guests spend their vacation time at Walt Disney World.

Even though this system had a somewhat troubled rollout back in 2013, Disney has been steadily making some really interesting changes to MyMagic+ over the past few months. From deep PhotoPass integration to the ability to make, change and cancel dining reservations, recent MyMagic+ improvements have all been big steps forward. However, it looks like the some even bigger updates are coming soon, as two of the most requested features for MyMagic+ are now reportedly in the pipeline, and should be rolling out to guests starting next month. 

1. Make extra FastPass+ reservations directly from your smartphone

Image: Disney

One of the biggest complaints among those Walt Disney World visitors who consider themselves to be FastPass+ experts is the inability to make any FastPass+ reservations beyond the initial three using the My Disney Experience app. While visiting a FastPass+ kiosk might not sound like a big problem, tracking one down can be difficult (especially outside the Magic Kingdom), and congestion around these kiosks can be brutal as well. And if your mission is to make your visit to the Magic Kingdom as efficient as possible and see as many attractions as you can, walking 15 minutes to find a kiosk and then waiting another 20 to actually use said kiosk for a single FastPass+ reservation doesn't make a lot of sense, as you're not really saving time anymore (especially if the wait time is 30 minutes or less!)

Fortunately, it has been reported that starting next month guests will finally be able to use the My Disney Experience mobile app to make all of their additional FastPass+ reservations at a single park (sorry hoppers!) right from their phones without having to worry about tracking down a kiosk or waiting in line for a long time.

This is definitely a long overdue feature for MyMagic+, and should help ease congestion around these kiosks, which have been known to block traffic during peak park days, especially at the Magic Kingdom. However, what remains to be seen is what this will do to overall FastPass+ availability around each park, as this easier access will likely lead to wider use of this system (its estimated that less than 10% of park guests currently make extra FastPass+ reservations) which could limit the amount of extra FastPass+ reservations that will be available to guests in the afternoon and evening hours. 

Also unknown is whether this will be see another downsizing of the amount FastPass+ kiosks at Walt Disney World. While it's unlikely that Disney will ever get rid of all the kiosks (after all, not everyone brings their smartphones to the park, and even those who do might run into a low battery situation). With less guests using these kiosks to make additional FastPass+ reservations, the park might be able to downsize the amount in each park and free up some space for the flood of guests expected to arrive this year



I wish they made a way that you can keep track of your meals you have used if you have Disney Dinning because let's face it I lose track and hate to have to go the front desk and find out

In reply to by Candace McDuffey (not verified)

They already do. Its at the bottom of every receipt after every meal. You can also look on your disney experience and track it that way yourself

So you'll be able to make a 4th fastpass from the app but only if you're in the park? I was hoping they would eliminate that little hiccup.

How about a Magic Band app for the Apple Watch? I don't see why there is anything a Magic Band can do that an Apple Watch can't do as well. You figure Apple and Disney already have a close relationship (since Steve Jobs sold Pixar to Disney and was Disney's single largest shareholder before he passed away.)

How about a super large MAGIC-BAND for each Disney Transport bus! The bands would pre-open a security gate as the bus was approaching a Disney Resort! Also as a enhancement, when a water park was CLOSED, the bus would then expedite its route instead of pulling into the water park on a day when there are no passengers and the water park was closed! Finally, what about a Magic Band each driver wore so that when they do shift changes (as often as they do), the Magic Band would sign the driver into that bus instead of the slow paperwork and clipboards currently used...

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