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4 Things You Should Know About the Brand New Show Coming to the Magic Kingdom

Earlier this week it was confirmed that the Magic Kingdom's current castle show, Dream Along With Mickey would be leaving the park forever on April 2, 2016. Though many loved this show, after a decade of performances, it seems the time is right for something new. Though it's sad to see this show go, it has been confirmed that a new show will be replacing it later this year. Named Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire, this new show will be debuting on the castle forecourt stage later this summer (an exact opening date has not yet been released). And from everything we've seen so far, this may just be one of Disney's most ambitious shows ever at the Magic Kingdom. Don't believe us? Here’s everything you need to know about this upcoming show!

1. It will be focused on newer Disney films

Image: Disney

Though there were plenty of classic characters featured in Dream Along with Mickey including Snow White, Aurora, Peter Pan and Cinderella, Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire will feature a completely new cast of characters from Disney’s more recent animated hits. Confirmed characters that will be appearing as part of this show include Tiana, Naveen and Louis from Princess and the Frog, Anna, Elsa and Olaf from Frozen, and Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Tangled.

Though some might bemoan the lack of classic characters in this show, the argument could be made that both the Princess and the Frog as well as Tangled are somewhat underrepresented at Walt Disney World. While both princesses from these films have meet and greets at the Magic Kingdom, the Princess and the Frog doesn’t have a substantial presence elsewhere at Walt Disney World, and Tangled’s only claim to fame is the fan-named “Tangled Toilets” rest area in Fantasyland. While the same cannot be said of Frozen (fans and detractors alike can probably agree that this property is pretty well oversaturated at Walt Disney World by now), it’s great that this show is giving these popular, newer characters some attention (even if they do come with Frozen).

2. Daisy is coming back! 

Image: Disney

Like Dream Along With Mickey, classic Disney characters Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy  will be a part of the new Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire show, but this time they will be joined by additional friend Daisy Duck, who has been on the bench at Walt Disney World for too long (especially at the Magic Kingdom). According to the official show description (and the concept art above) Daisy will be traveling with Donald to the world of Tangled, and looks like she will play a prominent role in the overall show.While Daisy may not have the fanbase of Mickey or Minnie, it's great to have this all-too-often overlooked character on stage in a prominent way that will please both young fans who love this character from her appearances on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as well as those who have enjoyed seeing Daisy through the years. 

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This is actually good news, looking forward to it. Was getting tired of the dream along show, although I will miss hearing the 'dreams come true, dreams come true!' chant while walking nearby


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