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4 Things We Learned From Walt Disney World’s Latest MyMagic+ Outage

3. Capacity has no effect on outages

Because MyMagic+ outages of any kind are so rare, many have tried to speculate about what could possibly trigger an outage, with some thinking that Disney's internal system might be overwhelmed on busy days. However, yesterday was a fairly light day at the parks, which confirms that this is not the case. We know that Disney has been making some improvements to My Disney Experience recently, so the problem was likely triggered by an internal update, which is probably why it only took a few hours for Disney to fix the issue and get on-property guests' MagicBands working again for transactions. 

4. Guests don't need to fear outages

Image: Disney

When MagicBands and MyMagic+ came on the scene, the system was full of bugs and more than a few guests wondered how such a frustrating system could possibly become a central part of the Walt Disney World experience. And while you might not think that an outage would bolster confidence in such a system, the swift way in which Disney Cast Members were able to put a contingency plan in place should help assuage any fears about a MyMagic+ outage totally ruining a vacation. 

There are tons of unexpected things that could possibly happen during a Walt Disney World vacation. From a favorite attraction closing to inclement weather, guests have to accept that unforeseeable scenarios can derail even the best laid plans. While it's certainly possible that a MyMagic+ outage can happen during your next Walt Disney World visit, it's not something guests should really worry about when planning their vacation, as Disney has proven that it is more than capable of handling these technological issues when they arise. 

Have you ever been at Walt Disney World during a MyMagic+ outage? Feel free to share your experiences below! 

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