Character meet and greets are a big part of the entertainment offerings at Walt Disney World, and it looks like Disney is trying to ramp up its character offerings in 2016 as massive refurbishments and closings hit the parks later this year. 

Recently, a rumor has popped up that two extremely rare characters could be moving into Epcot’s newly expanded Character Spot, three new Star Wars characters have been confirmed to be making regular appearances at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, plus a park favorite gets an extreme makeover!  If you are a character connoisseur (or just want to check out what's new at Walt Disney World) here's all the character changes happening in the next few weeks that you need to know about! 

1. Joy and Sadness moving in to the expanded Epcot Character Spot?

Image: Disney 

Recently, part of the former Innoventions West building was turned into an extension of Epcot’s Character Spot attraction, which opened last month and saw the return of Baymax to Disney Parks. However,if a rumor first reported on by WDWMagic is true it looks like Baymax could have some company soon as Joy and Sadness from Inside Out may be moving in to this location as well.

This would be great news for fans of Inside Out, especially because Joy and Sadness have met guests at Walt Disney World only once before (and in a very limited capacity). If this rumor does end up being true, it seems to back up the idea that Innoventions West is being completely transformed into a larger Character Spot. Though this isn't a very creative use of this space, it's better than just leaving it abandoned (which has been the trend at Epcot), and bringing more exclusive characters to this park certainly isn't a bad thing. 

Image: Disney

Though no date was given for the debut of Sadness and Joy, we’d guess that this potential meet and greet could open in the very near future, possibly as a way to help keep spread guests out in Future World in the coming months. The loss of Soarin’ during its extensive refurbishment has impacted wait times pretty severely in Future World (especially for Test Track), but the opening of a new meet and greet could help stem this issue. 

2. Ezra and Sabine begin meeting guests regularly at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Though Ezra and Sabine from Disney XD’s Star Wars: Rebels series have appeared at Disney’s Hollywood Studios before, it has only been in a very limited capacity as part of the Star Wars Weekends event. Though some speculated that the cancellation of this event meant the end of these characters’ appearances, it looks like Ezra and Sabine are on their way back to this park, potentially as part of the currently unannounced new meet and greet area that is under construction in the center of this park.

Though Disney has not quite announced the existence of the aforementioned meet and greet space, a recent casting call on the Disney auditions site confirmed that Sabine and Ezra would be meeting guests regularly as well as taking part in unspecified special events this spring.



I want Pinocchio back

I just want Ralph (as in "Wreck-It") and Vanellope back. I know as of this past year they're still part of the special Halloween and Christmas parades but how long will that continue to be so? Wouldn't mind seeing Fix-It Felix and Sgt Calhoun, either.

I think they are making a mistake removing Darth Vader from the meet and greet!

I saw the Queen of hearts as a face character back in 2008 so that is not new.

unless ive read it wrong the Queen of Hearts has been a face character before I have pictures of her at the Tea cups in MK back in the 90's she was out with Tweedle dee & tweedle dum forget if I got my picture with her or just her alone as I was walking around by myself

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