Though Disney fans seem split on how to spell the name of the former icon for Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Earful? Earffel? Something else?), one thing is for sure: we’re going to miss it when it’s gone.  However, Disney’s official confirmation that this former park icon would be leaving the park was worded in such a way that the future for this icon might not be as grim as some might have expected.

Though it is entirely possible that Disney could tear this icon down in the same way they tore down the Sorcerer’s Hat (which was brought down piece by piece over the course of several weeks, directly in guest view), there are some options Disney could potentially excercise that would both preserve this piece of Disney history in some way as well as get it out of the way of Disney construction in this park. 

1. A new icon for Disney Springs  

Check out the concept art above for Disney Springs. Notice anything? There’s an awfully familiar looking water tower visible as part of the still under-construction Town Center area of the shopping district. Sure, it’s minus two mouse ears, but removing those and then giving this former icon a paint job (and some spiffy new lettering) could potentially be a simple way to both reuse this old icon in an interesting way and get an actual icon for Disney Springs up as soon as possible. 

If we had to guess, we’d say this is the most likely outcome for the future of the Earful Tower. Though the Town Center area of Disney Springs has been under construction for some time, no construction on a water tower has ever been spotted in the developing Town Center area (which can be easily surveyed from the upper levels of the parking garage). Knowing what we know now about the Earful Tower's removal from Disney's Hollywood Studios, it seems entirely possible that a move for this structure to Disney Springs has been in the works for much longer than we’ve known about.

Image: Disney

While it would be sad to see the Earful Tower lose the very ears for which it was named, giving this structure a makeover and shipping it off to Disney Springs would be a great way to give this former icon a new life in a different area of the resort. Plus, simply reusing the structure is certainly preferable to just tearing it down like they did the Sorcerer’s Hat and then throwing it in the dustbin. 



Why move Earful Tower to Disney Springs if you are not going to keep the ears? Makes no sense. It's the ears that make it unique. Without the ears it is not the iconic landmark .. it is a water tower. Don't need a water tower ... need the iconic icon ....

I still call the park Disney-MGM

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