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7 MORE Closures Just Confirmed for Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has shuttered over a dozen attractions in the past 12 months, and it has been confirmed that this spring will bring over half a dozen more closures to the park in what has to be the biggest sweeping closures in Walt Disney World's history. As expected all of these closures will take place in the Streets of America area of the park, which we assume will be walled off in its entirety on April 3. However, though many of these closures were expected, we were surprised to find out that one of the park's most important icons is also being removed... 

1. The Earful Tower 

Image: Disney

Closure date: unknown

Back before the Sorcerer’s Hat dropped on the park in 2001, the Earful Tower was the original park icon of Disney-MGM Studios when it opened in 1989. Though this landmark came back into the spotlight after the Sorcerer’s Hat was removed in 2015, it looks like its return as the park icon will be a short-lived one, as Disney has confirmed that they are removing this piece of park history sometime early this year (though no specific date was given)

Because of this icon’s importance in Walt Disney World history, many are hoping that Disney will simply move this structure instead of tearing it down and destroying it (the way they did the Sorcerer’s hat last year). However, Disney has not made any statement on the matter and considering Disney’s Hollywood Studios is looking to reinvent itself entirely (and will reportedly launch its new identity with a new name some time in the future), saving this icon seems like a long shot. If you've got any affection for this (now) former icon, you'll want to see it as soon as possible, because it probably won't be around for too much longer and we wouldn't count on Disney saving it. 

2.  Lights! Motors! Action! Extreme Stunt Show 

Closure date: April 2

Though the demise of the Lights! Motors! Action! Stunt Show has been long predicted, Disney finally made it official yesterday, confirming that this show will in fact be ending its 11-year run at Disney's Hollywood Studios this spring.

This show has seen a few minor adjustments over the years (including the addition of Cars characters in 2011) but overall this 40 minute show has essentially remained unchanged during its decade-long engagement at this park, and will certainly be missed by automotive (and pyrotechnics) enthusiasts after it performs its last show.

3. Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure

Closure date: April 2

The Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: Movie Set Adventure playground was never really a headlining attraction, but frequent visitors to Disney’s Hollywood Studios knew this was a great place to bring young kids to burn off steam in the middle of a long day. This attraction opened in 1990 and though it has enjoyed more than 25 years at the park, it looks like kids who want to climb a spider web, ride an ant, or slide down a vintage roll of film (kids, ask your parents) you’ll have to do so in the next few weeks as this play area is closing forever on April 2nd.

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There are 45 comments.

I am going to assume Disney won't be lowering the price for this now quarter day park

It won't be a quarter day park - esp with Star Wars land. Where else do you want them to build it? It can't happen overnight

Paster Joe was meaning that while they commence building the new Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land to help re-invent the park, the park's current status will consist of only enough attractions to be able to complete in a quarter of a day practically, so the question was with the little amount there will be to do come April 2nd, will Disney lower the admission price for this specific park? And Paster Joe, I seriously doubt it because now-a-days, most people don't come to Disney and purchase a single day ticket, even though some people still do and even though Disney's Hollywood Studios will probably drop significantly in attendance numbers both this year and the next couple of years while the park is under construction, Disney is confident enough that they don't have to lower the price and people will still pay and come.

If I was a Star Wars fan I'm sure I would be thrilled, but as I'm not this is just depressing. It's like the Frozen takeover all over again but on a wider and more destructive scale.

Just close the park until renovations are complete! You're ripping off your customers if you continue to operate this park with minimal attractions and charge $100. But, if people enter the park at that price, then Disney will hold out their hand and say thanks for the money. What do they say? A fool and their money are soon parted...

^^^^^this. No reason to close the park if it is still profitable. And it will continue to be so as long as people keep entering the turnstiles.

I don't think they should close it. If someone wants to be an idiot and spend an entire days ticket there, let them. I'm going in april, and have park hopper. I'd be really mad if I wasn't able to go on Tower of Terror, Rocken roller coaster, or star tours! It makes sense for people with park hopper that can go for half a day and then go somewhere else!

You can not get rid of the Earful Tower...that has been there for as long as I can remember... That is an icon to the park! Just like Mickey's face!

The Earful Tower has been there since the park opened. I would wager to say they will unveil a new icon to go along with the new name.

I thought it was cars land that was going in not toy story land?

Nope. Announced lat year at D23 it will be a Toy Story area.

The HAT also!!!! So sad! was the first pin I ever collected. Can't at least one icon stay do U have to change everything? been coming with our kids for 24 years from Texas. Always looked forward to seeing that and the sign Welcoming us when we first get there. Next you will be getting rid of Its a Small World or the fountain in Epcot.

This will seriously impact our next trip. We stay at the Yacht Club specifically to be close to some of these attractions. Our very young son loved that Honey I Shrunk the kids play area. It is one of his favorite things in all of WDW. For little kids under 5 there are very few places where they are able to climb and run safely. I wonder if the area where you can "meet" Lightning McQueen and Mater is disappearing too. I know it is kind of lame and not a very big deal, but for a young Cars enthusiast it was a major highlight!

The cars meet and greet is already gone. It went down with the Osborne lights.

They permanently closed this and the Phineas & Ferb Meet and Greet after the Osborne family lights went down earlier this month.

Lighting McQueen and Mater went away after Osborne light as well as the Phineas & Ferb Meet and Greet

I'm pretty sure Art of Animation hotel has great photo ops with Cars!!! Check it out. It may be another hotel.

I grew up with most everything on this list, and its sad to see all of it go, but change is good, and I'm excited to see what the future will hold.

why in the world even keep this park open? Close it down and reopen when completed. The speed at which Disney operates is at a snail's pace. Close it for a year so everything can be opposed to stringing it out for years. Knowing they won't do this, they should lower the price to $10/day! but that is still too much to see 90% of the park boarded up!

You can bet, there will be no price reduction. Like everyone in my family, I am letting my premium Florida residence expire soon and may see you again in 5 years. Yes, due to all the changes at once.Keeping my Universal as they only close one attraction at a time and there is more to enjoy in one area without breaking the bank and less crowds. Of course, this may change soon.

Hope they move all the current items from Watto's Grotto over to Launch Bay when it closes!!! Getting a special personalized name tags written in the Star Wars alphabet is a special tradition. I hope the Star Wars Land has items opening soon since there will not be any Star Wars weekends this year or anymore.

What are they thinking removing the EARS, Guess I am going to have to go to A stockholders , To say nooooo

I am very upset for what they are doing at Walt Disney world.
I think I will not go back to Disney I will be going to Universal studios this year.

You're upset that they're expanding the park and adding new things to a park that was in desperate need of new attractions?

It may be easier to start lusting what is open rather than closed. At this point I wish Disney would shut down the whole park and expedite the 'reinvention' that we have been hearing about for the past year.

Still plenty open at DHS: Great Movie Ride, MuppetVision 3D, Rock ‘n Roller Coaster, Star Tours, Star Wars Launch Bay, Toy Story, Tower of Terror, Beauty and the Beat show, Citizens of Hollywood, Indiana Jones show, Jedi Training Academy, Little Mermaid show, Disney Junior Live an Stage, Fantasmic! and Symphony in the Stars fireworks. I’ve probably missed one or 2 as well... I think more people would be annoyed if the entire park was closed as they would have to miss some classics (GMR & Muppets, for example0 and some great thrill rides (ToT and RnR, for example).

As times change, things must change. Change is inevitable. It is very sad to see some of the beloved attractions go, but as the generations grow up, so must the park. As interests change in the generations, so must the park. I'm very excited to see what it to come personally!

Can't stand that they're closing Honey I Shrunk The Kids - one of my son's favorite places in all of WDW (mine too way back when).

I imagine that it is going to be a short closure as Andy's backyard sounds almost identical.

I haven't heard about Andy's Backyard. Is this a playground planned for the Toy Story expansion? Hope it will be as engaging as Honey I shrunk the Kids.

They can't just close the park. There are a lot of people employed there. Trained staff. Most will transition to new areas. It's ok people, this place is going to be huge in a couple of years.

Some fantastic people work at DHS! Thank you for saying this.

Change is good. This park is well past do on a face lift. They dont have a ton of room to work with for this park so it only makes sense to close these things down and make something better. I do agree that taking down the mickey ears is a bit disappointing

Watto's Grotto is still carrying a LOT of merchandise not available over at the launch bay, at least as of the beginning of January. Seeing it close will be a shame unless they open up some space for the merchandise to be carried elsewhere. Plus it has that cool snowspeeder to take pictures in front of...

I think many people will agree with me that by closing so many things at once now there will be longer lines for what is left !!!! I think they should cut the price in half for the park till it's ready with all the new things.Remember not all people buy hopper passes when they have a big family with them .A lot of people do one park a day and make dining reservations that way.

While I wish so manny things weren't closing, I can't wait to see the new lands! Especially the Toy Story Land! I disagree about closing the park - if you don't want to go, then don't go. But there are still a lot of things that remain open. I can't wait to bring my kids. I know we will fill our day with Muppets3D, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, Frozen SingAlong, the character dance party, Disney Junior, character meals, and Fantasmic. And that's just the stuff for them! Never mind the Great Movie Ride, ToT, RR, Indiana Jones, Star Tours, etc. for us adults! And if most people skip the park, it won't be as crowded and we'll be able to watch the shows more than once (as my toddlers will probably demand! lol). This has been a long time coming. This poor park has been needing a lot of TLC these past years - I'm glad it's finally happening!

I'm all for change and improvement, however, why tear up everything at once. We all know Disney does not move quickly with its building. With all the closures, rehabs, etc. throughout the entire Disney World, our family will once again travel else where. Universal will be getting our vacation dollars. I fear we won't be traveling to WDW for a long time.

What does Star Wars have to do with Disney?

They own Lucus Flims

In 2012 Disney purchased Lucasfilm LTD, STAR WARS and all related brands (including Indiana Jones) for $4.05 billion from George Lucas. George Lucas, the sole owner of the brands, and already a billionaire thanks to STAR WARS, donated the $4.05 billion to charities to help improve education in the United States.

1. I like the tower, but it could be placed elsewhere
2. Lights Motor Action--suffered thru that twice--glad it's gone
3. It's a playground....why go to a theme park to go to a playground?
4. Monster's Inc meet/greet...never knew it was there, lol.
5. Studio Catering...will it be missed? Everyone always says HS has no good QS
6. Wattos Grotto--sure the Star Wars Merch will find a new home.
7. Youse Guys--just another shop, if the merchandise is popular it will be found elsewhere.
I can't believe any of these would be a make or break decision to go to HS.

I can see why frequent visitors, like me, to WDW and HS are upset that so many favorites are being closed. The closure of the, "Magic of Disney Animation," without it being, at least, relocated elsewhere in WDW is inexcusable! We just got back from WDW a few weeks ago and I really missed, "TMoDA," and many of the other now closed attractions. Still, for our family, and for most first time, or long time between trips visitors, there are still so many great things to do at HS, even if it is only a, "half day," park which, even with all the closures, it's not. Maybe there are only a half or quarter day of your personal favorites still there is a lot there to enjoy, things you probably missed before while rushing through the park. Trust me, you can't do all of WDW in a week, much less in a four day, a park a day, trip. Even so, having a, "half day," park isn't a bad thing! Our family would often use the first part of a day at another park, go back to our resort for a swim break, often to take a nap, then, "hop," over to HS later in the day. (Fantasmic is a must do, thus the later in the day part.) sometimes we might just slept in that morning.

Not too thrilled with all of the renovation happening at Hollywood Studios and I'm certainty not happy about a possible change to the parks name. Like someone said in the comments, if I was a Star Wars fan maybe I'd feel differently. Although, I am excited about the Toy Story land they're adding in. I went to DIsneyland Paris and they had some pretty awesome rides in their Toy Story land so maybe they'll bring some of those over here.

Look at it this way ... DCA was in dire straights of a "re-imagine" so when they finally decided to build out Cars Land and make major changes to much of the park it cut into park time, space and the overall attitude of the park. It made many wonder if it was worth it. But since it opened it has done wonders for that park. Its no longer a "1/2" day park anymore. It worked and its amazing even if you aren't a Cars fan, you still appreciate the new details that have gone in around the entire park.
This is what needed to happen to The Studios. That place has been failing for a long time. The backlot had a ton of wasted space and you cant tell me that there wasn't more people wondering why Disney hadn't done anything with it than not. Given all the new technology and ideas that both of these lands provide for Imagineering, even if you arent a Toy Story or Star Wars fan, I bet you are going to appreciate the refreshed excitement for a Park that needed help. Bad.

I'm just glad MuppetVision3D is sticking around (at least for now).


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