It has never been a more exciting time to be a Walt Disney World fan. With more than two dozen new projects in the works, there's a lot to look forward to in the next decade. However, even though Disney has been keeping fans well-informed about its most-anticipated upcoming attractions, there are several projects in the works right now that Disney has been purposefully keeping under wraps. Now while some may feel like Disney is being sneaky or secretive by not announcing these projects, many of the details for these developments are still being worked on, and Disney is probably waiting to make an announcement when everything has already come together. 

Still, even though the picture is incomplete, here are four unannounced projects that we're excited to hear more information about...hopefully in the very near future! 

 1. The Rumor: Disney’s Hollywood Studios is working on a new, permanent meet and greet area in the center of the park

What we know: When the Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights ended its extended run last week we assumed that walls would immediately spring up around the back end of Disney's Hollywood Studios, as work begins on Star Wars Land. However, we were surprised when walls actually appeared around a different part of the park, right in the middle!

Rumors suggest that these walls are going up around what will be a new permanent character meet and greet area that will use parts of the former American Idol audition rooms, the WDW Radio Studio and one of the park's former corporate lounges.

Image: Disney

Though Disney has not officially announced this project, it seems like a pretty common sense addition when you think about it. Ever since the Magic of Disney Animation closed, this park has lacked a central character hub, and characters like Mickey, Minnie and the rest of the Fab 5 (plus Chip and Dale) have been shuttling in between temporary locations like the former Backlot Tour queue area and in front of the Sunset Showcase theater.

Insiders are predicting that this new attraction will open around Spring 2016, and while the character list also remains unconfirmed, we’d expect park mainstays like Sorcerer Mickey, Pluto, Goofy and Donald to show up here.

2. The Rumor: Disney’s Hollywood Studios is finally getting a Muppets-themed land

Image: Disney 

What we know: This rumor has been gestating for several months now, but recently some new information has come to light that seems to indicate that Disney is indeed moving forward with the plan to convert the immediate area around MuppetVision 3D into a full-fledged Muppets area.

Now that Pizza Planet's planned refurbishment is imminent, permits related to the construction have been filed, and interestingly, they refer to the project as the “Muppet B Complex” While this name could just be a holdover from the original plan to transform this area into a Muppets-themed area, it could also give us a hint as to the future of this space as well.

Image: Disney

Interestingly, it looks like the entirety of Pizza Planet and Mama Melrose is included in the permit, and even though Pizza Planet is expected to re-open with its new theme later this year, the permit is good through 2017, which lends credence to the idea that Disney will close and refurbish Mama Melrose after Pizza Planet is done, the same way that Pizzafari and Flame Tree Barbecue switched refurbishments last year at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Evidence is certainly mounting that Disney’s Hollywood Studios is preparing to introduce a third new land to this park, and it seems like only a matter of time before we get an announcement.



The hat is not in storage. They destroyed it.

My family and I were just at Disney World in December. We had Dining reservations at a few resort locations, The Grand Floridian was one (1900 Park Fare). When we got to the lanes to pay to park, all I told the lady was we have dinng reservations at The Grand Floridian at 10:25am she said go on through.Did not ask for any kind of confirmation. I think instead of charging people to park for reservations, they need to have POC at the parking lanes to verify reservations and have seperate lane(s) for guests to get into if they have reservations. If you cannot show confirmation then you must pay!

I wish they could incorporate the sorcerer's hat from Hollywood Studios at Fantasia Gardens - it would fit the theme so well there (I wasn't a big fan of its' original location, but I always liked the hat itself, and I hate the idea of it just sitting in storage somewhere.)

Putting the sorcerer's hat at Fantasia Gardens is a great idea!

I'll be curious to know how they'd handle a guest parking scenario in which a guest is staying at a Dianey Property (which earns free parking for the car, THERE), who wants to take their party on the Magic Kingdom Monorail line through the use of parking at The Contemporary, for example. (We did this recently during Christmas to see the Grand Floridian's Gingerbread House). This person should not, in my opinion, be forced to pay a parking fee, because they switched which hotel they parked at for touring, or even park attendance purposes. Does anyone agree?

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