Last month, as part of the sweeping security changes that hit Disney parks in both Orlando and California, costumes were outright banned for adults over 14. Though this isn't much of a change from regular park procedure (adult costumes have always been banned at Walt Disney World during normal park operation), many have been wondering what this new policy could mean for those annual events which historically encourage costuming, like Mickey’s Not-so-Scary Halloween Party and runDisney races.

While we still don’t have any information on what's happening with the Halloween Party, runDisney is hosting its annual Walt Disney World marathon this weekend, and has gone ahead and clarified what is allowed and what isn’t at runDisney events under these new regulations.  

1. DisneyBounding is still OK

Image: Disney

As mentioned previously, Disney parks have never allowed guests 14 and older to wear costumes at any parks during regular hours. However, many Disney guests have skirted around this issue by “DisneyBounding”, which is essentially wearing regular clothes that look like something a “real life” Disney character would wear. So for instance, a DisneyBounder trying to recall Minnie Mouse’s style might wear a red dress and yellow heels, while a Little Mermaid DisneyBounder might wear a purple shirt and green pants. Both of these outfits recall their respective characters, but could pass as just plain street clothes as well. If you’re curious about what constitutes Disneybounding (and why guests love to do it) we suggest further reading here.

Though some of the verbiage in Disney’s original statement about the banning of costumes gave DisneyBounders cause for worry, it looks like themed clothes are officially OK, at least at runDisney events. Unofficially, several DisneyBounders have reported that they have not been kicked out of Disney Parks for dressing in a manner that recalls (but not copies) their favorite character as well, so it looks like guests planning to DisneyBound at the runDisney marathon happening this weekend can feel confident wearing their Disney-inpired outfits (not costumes) both during and after the race. 

2. Layers are off limits

Image: AngryJulieMonday, Flickr (license) 

Even though wearing street clothes that look like Disney characters is OK, it looks like anything that has multiple parts or is layered in any way is not allowed under the new rules. Disney’s official statement on the matter singles out Jedi Robes as something that would not be allowed under the new policy, but there are plenty of other characters whose costumes wouldn’t work under this new policy including the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella. If your costume seems iffy, it would be best to err on the side of caution, as Disney will be turning away participants with layered clothing that could potentially conceal something. 

3. No full-body costumes

Image: Disney

Additionally, if your costume covers your entire body, it is not OK under the new Disney costume guidelines. Practically, that means no floor-length dresses (sorry princess fans) or giant costumes. Floor length capes are not permitted under the new rules either, although Disney does specify that short capes are fine. 

The guideline update also forbids guests from using props as full body costumes (as seen above). Disney specifically mentions props like a “wearable” Death Star and the house from Up as wearable props that are not allowed, but the implication here is that really anything that covers your whole body and looks like it could conceal something simply isn't allowed. 



I was in the Magic Kingdom on Saturday doing Disney bounding with my daughter and husband -- as Joy, Sorrow and Anger from Inside Out -- and we had absolutely no issues. Lots of cast members recognised what we were, but I don't think many guests did.

The "No Picture" rule has been in place for a while now. It was in the guidelines even for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party in 2014.

So i guess the mickeys not so scary halloween party is cancelled this year.
dressing up is all of the point.

Well we don't know that officially. I'm hoping they don't take the dress up away! That's all part of the fun, although I'm having a tough time trying to decide what/who to dress up as according to these NEW guidelines. I have some ideas in mind, but I'm still not sure about it.

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You are so right. We don't know for sure. That is the problem. Making a WDW touring plan strategy must take into account many factors. Dining reservations, fastpass plus reservations, extra magic hours, fireworks schedule, special tours, the halloween party and so much more. If you have planned a WDW vacation before then you know how to read the Disney tea leaves as to what dates and times some happenings will be even though they are not on the calendar yet. Those who have done this before know what I mean. It's all linked so precariously. We are coming up on the 180 day dining reservation window for Sept. and Disney has not communicated specifically that the costume restrictions will apply to MNSSHP. If the current restrictions apply I will not attend. That changes everything. Not only will I not attend but I don't want be anywhere near the front gate of MK when upset people in costumes get turned away. Disney needs to communicate better on this issue. They don't want another fiasco like 24 hour party at Disneyland last May. Also bad communication.
I also want to thank Amanda for providing us with this forum to share great experiences and vent our frustrations. Your articles have so much valuable information.

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