SeaWorld Orlando has not had a good couple of years, but in late 2015 SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby unveiled a plan to help bring this troubled park back from the brink. Much of this plan involves reinvesting in the park itself, bringing Orlando’s tallest roller coaster, Mako, to life in 2016 and a new unnamed ‘Rescue’ themed dark ride to the park in 2017.

However, though these developments will hopefully spark guest interest in the long term, one of new Manby’s more immediate goals for the park was for SeaWorld to have a simpler ticketing system that was more accommodating for the casual traveller. And effective this week, SeaWorld has unveiled a brand new park admissions system that very closely resembles the ticket options at other parks (most notably Walt Disney World), and should feel a lot more familiar to frequent Orlando theme park-goers. And even though prices are a little higher overall (though not in all circumstances), SeaWorld's new ticket options provide unprecedented flexibility for guests, which is much needed. Here are all of SeaWorld's new ticket types (and corresponding prices):  

1. Single-day advance tickets: $79 

Image: SeaWorld

Back in 20145 SeaWorld had a “tiered” online ticketing system that allowed guests to purchase tickets that could either be used on weekdays for $70 and or on the weekend (or during peak periods) for $89 online. However, SeaWorld has completely done away with the tiered system and now has one price for all tickets purchased online in advance: $79.

Though this is a little more expensive than the original advance purchase price for weekday tickets, the move to a single price makes planning in advance a little easier, especially since these tickets can be used within 12 months of purchase. With a single price point, guests don’t have to worry about when their passes can be used, which is a huge benefit for those that aren't exactly sure when they'll fit in a SeaWorld visit, and want the flexibility to go when they want.  

Image: SeaWorld

Buying online also offers guests looking for multi-day passes deep discounts as well. Guests who are looking to add additional days at SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, or one of their respective water parks (Aquatica and Adventure Island) can pay $99 for two days or $109 for three days at any of the four parks (one park per day). Better yet, guests will have six months from the first-day’s ticket redemption to use additional days.

Interestingly, though prices have changed for guests looking to buy tickets in advance, SeaWorld's one-day price at the gate remains at 2015’s original $99 price point.

2. Length of stay tickets - $139 

Image: SeaWorld

Though SeaWorld has made it easier than ever to plan a short visit online, they have also introduced a new ticket type that will allow guests looking for a lengthier experience who don’t quite need an annual pass to have a money-saving option. The new "length-of-stay" ticket gives guests unlimited access to SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica, Busch Gardens Tampa and Adventure Island for a full two weeks beginning from the first day’s ticket’s use. Though this ticket is a little bit on the pricy side at $139, if you are planning on going to one of SeaWorld’s parks more than three times in a two week period and don’t want to upgrade to an annual pass, this is a great option.



You forgot to mention that the length of stay ticket includes free parking!

$109 3-day combo pass, is the best deal in Florida!, I did it a few months ago(when it was $89!) and if you do A Day At Sea World, A Day At Aquatica, and a Day At Busch Gardens You wiil have a great 3 day vacation for less than the price of 1 day at Disney or Universal. (added bonus: it includes free Bus service from Sea World to and from Tampa for Busch Gardens, if you don't want to drive it you're self.)

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