With only a few weeks left in 2015, we continue our look back at the year that was. Though we’ve already looked at some of this past year’s most notable closures, there have been some things at the resort that are even more painful for long-time guests than just the loss of attractions. The following situations represent the most awkward, uncomfortable, and occasionally depressing situations that Disney fans have found themselves as a part of in the past 12 months. 

1. The selfie stick saga 

One of the biggest debates that emerged in 2015 was the argument over selfie sticks. These small, telescoping camera accessories may seem innocent at first glance, but they became quite the issue this year. The trouble started when some Disney guests refused to comply with posted rules, pulling their selfie sticks out on rides and during parades. Though there were some responsible selfie stick owners out there, the actions of a few resulted in Disney taking truly drastic action, immediately banning all selfie sticks across its worldwide parks after an incident on California Screamin' where a guest took out their selfie stick during the ride and ended up shutting down the ride for nearly an hour. 

Though Disney parks and resorts ban plenty of items on an annual basis, such a sweeping and immediate action was unprecedented at the time, and was met with both cheers and jeers from fans. While some might argue that this kneejerk reaction was overkill, it's worth pointing out that fellow theme park company Six Flags has also banned selfie sticks at their parks, though Merlin and Universal parks continue to allow these offensive acessories. 

No matter which side of this issue you fall on, this is one debate that Disney fans are happy to leave in the past. 

2. The closure of DisneyQuest

DisneyQuest may not have been the most popular destination at Downtown Disney, but this “indoor theme park” definitely had its fans, and despite its outdated technology, many grew to appreciate its retro appeal. However, it looks like Disney wasn't interested in keeping DisneyQuest around, as they announced in 2015 that this location would close in 2016 to make way for a new NBA-themed restaurant. 

This is definitely a huge loss for Disney fans, as this entertainment complex (which was easy to spend an entire day exploring) is on track to be replaced by a restaurant you couldn't spend more than a few hours in. Though we don't have an official closing date yet, we do know that this attraction will welcome its final guests sometime early next year. 

3. More abandoned attractions

Innoventions West

Image: Disney

 Walt Disney World has the unique problem of too much space. And because of this issue, when an attraction closes, it's very likely that the structure of the former ride, restaurant, or show will just sit and rot. We've seen this happen before at the Wonders of Life pavilion, the Odyssey restaurant, the top of ImageWorks and more. 

Unfortunately, 2015 added several more abandoned attractions to the list, including the Premiere theater st Disney's Hollywood Studios, Innoventions West at Epcot, and the back half of the Tomorrowland Arcade at the Magic Kingdom. You can read more about these abandoned attractions here



I haven't experienced anything awkward this year at Disney. I rang in the new year, 2015,
In the magic kingdom with family. My wife and I went back in October and made incredible memories. Yes, it's strange that the sorcerer's hat went down, and the dumb selfie stick thing. And, I didn't get to ride pirates in October because it was shortly after the refurbishments and they kept closing it for some reason. Overall, I'd say it's been an amazing year for Disney and fantastic evolutions and changes are just around the corner! I'm personally thrilled to see what the future brings at Disney World.

The Sorcerer's Hat was the best change, it was badly placed and only good to hide from the rain.

The Pirates drop isn't just some soggy socks, I sat on the front row and got as soaked as I would've been if I did Splash Mountain, and this was a ride we did at the end of the night so I spent the rest of my time cold and soggy and just wanting to go home. It was miserable enough to make me not want to ride Pirates again.

Strongly agree that whatever they did to the drop in Pirates is most unwelcome. Not only were my daughter and I put in the front row and were soaked, they allowed another two large adults to sit in the row with us so we were wet and cramped for the rest of the ride. The boat was overloaded, tilting to one side and scraping along the bottom track. Which was very unfortunate since it has always been one of our favorite rides. Pirates should be a "water" ride, not a "WATER! ride".

Also unhappy with the changes on 'Pirates'. Not only was I soaked in the new slowed down drop, but I found the scene where the boat is firing cannonballs at the island horrific. Something has changed here and the force you feel when the 'cannonballs' whizz past your head, is almost painful. Reluctant to go back on this classic.

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