Though 2015 wasn’t as brutal as 2014 for attraction closures, we still lost some classics attractions this year. Somewhat surprisingly, most of this year’s shuttered attractions came from Epcot, which lost many live performers and attractions as it continues to shuffle the World Showcase and make improvements around Future World. Other big losses this year came from Universal Studios Florida and Disney's Hollywood Studios as well. Read on to re-live the memories of all the Orlando-area attractions that were shuttered this year. 

1. Innoventions West 

Image: Disney

Location: Epcot

Last Day of Operation: April 29, 2015

Though Innoventions has been on a steady decline for several years, Disney took the somewhat drastic step earlier this year of shuttering the western half of this attraction, presumably for good. Though the attraction's hallway is still open, many of the former Innoventions exhibits are now behind black curtains. Disney has been using some of the space for meetings, and most recently used part of this former attraction to distribute complementary wine glasses to passholders during the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. And while this attraction has been closed for nearly 8 months, no replacement has been announced, and this space looks like it will join the Wonders of Life pavilion, the Odyssey restaurant and the ImageWorks second level in Epcot’s ever-growing standing but not operating club.

2. The Magic of Disney Animation

Image: Disney 

Location: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Last day of operation: July 12, 2015

When the Magic of Disney Animation was confirmed to be closing earlier this year, many fans were shocked, as this vast indoor attraction (which was also used as the main character meet and greet hub for the park) was relatively popular and was far away from the presumed footprints of the then-unannounced Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land. However, at 2015’s D23 convention it was revealed that this location was being turned into the Star Wars Launch Bay walk through attraction. You can read more about this project here

3. Disaster 

Image : Universal

Location: Universal Studios Florida 

Last Day of Operation: September 8, 2015 

Disaster was often derided by Universal fans as a poor clone of Earthquake, but this hybrid walk-through/tram attraction garnered somewhat of a cult popularity, especially in recent years. Though it only debuted 7 years ago, this attraction was closed forever this past September to make room for the Fast and the Furious Supercharged, which will be debuting in 2017.

4. Mulch Sweat and Shears 

Image: Mulch Sweat and Shears Facebook

Location: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Last Day of Operation: October 10, 2015

For over a decade Mulch Sweat and Shears served as Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ official “house band” performing covers of classic and modern rock songs regularly around the park and during special events. However, on October 10th, Morris Mulch and the gang performed their last set ever at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to a packed crowd at Center Stage. No replacement is expected to be announced. 

5. B'net Al Houwariyate 

Image: Disney 

Location: Epcot 

Last Day of Operation: October 18, 2015 

After replacing Moroccan mainstay Mo’Rockin back in 2014, B'net Al Houwariyate wrapped up their residency at Epcot’s World Showcase this past October. In an interesting turn of events, this musical group’s departure wasn’t announced in advance, as they simply disappeared from the times guide in mid-October. The group was replaced a few days later by Ribab Fusion.

6. Twister

Image: Universal

Location: Universal Studios Florida

Last Day of Operation: November 2, 2015 

Twister was a walk-through attraction that lasted longer at Universal Studios Florida than most people expected. Though the film that inspired this attraction never quite made the cultural zeitgeist, Twister spun on for for 17 years before closing earlier this year. This attraction will be replaced by Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon, which is coming in 2017. You can read more about this new attraction here.



Osborne lights. Please don't do away with it totally. Please try to move it somewhere else.

Beetlejuice closing has been delayed until January 5, 2016.
See the update on this article: http://blog.universalorlando.com/extras/beetlejuice-last-show/?__source=sm.awr.bj.fj.es.&linkId=19127743

Osbourne Spectacle of Dancing Lights.

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Osborne lights.... So sad - what a huge huge huge mistake. It's not all about Star Wars and Frozen Disney
When will you understand that

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