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10 Ways to Survive Massive Crowds at Walt Disney World

6. Use parades to your advantage

If parades are on your must-do list when you visit Walt Disney World, then you can disregard this point, but if you don’t mind missing the Festival of Fantasy Parade or the Main Street Electrical Parade, you can actually use these entertainment offerings to your advantage. Because travel is restricted at the Magic Kingdom, attractions near the main hub area and around Frontierland will have lower wait times while a parade is happening. 

7. Give yourself extra travel time in between attractions

We all have our little strategies for getting through the parks as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, on days when the park is so full you can barely move your elbows walking across the World Showcase, you’re going to need some extra time getting from place to place. So if you have a Le Cellier lunch reservation at 1:30 PM and a Test Track FastPass+ window from 1:50PM-2:50PM, be aware that you might be cutting it a little bit close.

8. Use the power of the fourth FastPass+ reservation 

Though the fourth FastPass+ wasn’t with us when MyMagic+ first burst on the scene a few years ago, this feature is indeed now available, and you can use it the moment after all of your previous FastPass+ reservations have expired (you don’t have to use them, so don’t fret if you miss one). The only wrinkle is of course, if you have a FastPass+ for a time-bound event (like Fastansmic! or Wishes) you won’t be able to use up your FastPass+ reservations in time to make a fourth. If either of these is a priority, by all means, keep these FastPass+ reservations, but if you don’t mind lining up early to experience these nighttime spectacular shows, you can run through three early FastPass+ reservations by the early afternoon, and then have time to make a fourth (or perhaps even fifth!) FastPass+ reservation in the evening, helping you bypass some of the worst lines of the year.

9. See lesser-known attractions 

When guests crush parks over the holiday season, it seems like they always hit the same attractions. Soarin’, Toy Story Midway Mania, Space Mountain and Test Track are always the attractions that are the first to break the three and four hour mark, and for many guests, spending half the day waiting in line for one attraction just seems like a waste. Instead of going for these popular attractions, why not check out some of Walt Disney World’s hidden gems? Attractions like The Carousel of Progress, The American Adventure, and Rafiki’s Planet Watch almost never have a wait over twenty minutes, and are absolutely worth seeing if you have the chance! 

10. Get out of the theme parks 

We all know that the four theme parks at Walt Disney World are what draws guests to central Florida year after year, but there’s a lot more to explore at the resort outside the theme parks. From exploring the resorts to taking a trip to Disney Springs and even checking out the resort’s golf courses, there is plenty for guests to see and do while avoiding the hubbub inside the theme parks during the holiday season.  

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Not sure #3 is such a great tip. You have to hit Tomorrowland at rope drop, otherwise it will become crowded with those who sleep late and hit the park a couple hours later.


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