Walt Disney World is constantly changing its refurbishment schedule, making it difficult for guests to keep up with the operating schedules and latest news regarding their favorite attractions, resorts, shops, and restaurants. Here are four big, upcoming changes that are either confirmed by their respective parks or at the least very strongly rumored for the very near future.

For November's refurbishment update, we take a look at four refurbishments rumored and confirmed for the Magic Kingdom in 2016. From a lengthy refurbishment that could bring massive changes to Big Thunder Mountain to a rumored refurbishment that could fix some new problems at Pirates of the Caribbean, there certainly looks like there will be a lot going on at the Magic Kingdom next year, despite a lack of any new attractions expected to debut at this park. 

1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 

Status: Confirmed 

Dates: April 14, 2016 - July 16 - 2016

Though we've heard about a rumored plan to completely reinvent Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom, it has been confirmed that some more immediate changes in Frontierland are about to take place: Big Thunder Mountain will go down for a lengthy three month refurbishment next spring. While we don't know exactly what changes will be taking place during this time, considering the length of the refurbishment we'd expect some pretty big ones, similar to those recently implemented at Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Some fans are probably hoping that Big Thunder Mountain at the Magic Kingdom will be getting upgrades similar to those that came to Disneyland in 2014 (which included new track, projection effects and a complete overhaul of the third lift show scene). However, the Disneyland refurbishment lasted over a year, and it seems unlikely that such sweeping changes would come to Big Thunder Mountain at the Magic Kingdom in a much shorter amount of time. 

Though the length of the refurbishment indicates at least a few new elements will be introduced at this attraction, we have no way of knowing yet exactly what changes are coming. However, if you have any theories about what changes could be coming to this iconic attraction, feel free to post them below!

2. Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

Status: Confirmed

Dates: July 7, 2016 - September 25, 2016

The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse is one of the most under-served Walt Disney World attractions in the history of the park. Even on days when the park fills to capacity, this walk through attraction consistently maintains a five minute wait time, with most guests just walking right on past. 

Though rumors of this attraction's demise have been swirling for nearly a decade, it looks like Disney is ready to do something with the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, as this attraction will be going down for a lengthly, 10 week refurbishment late next summer. 

Much like the Big Thunder Mountain refurbishment, we're not exactly sure what is going on with this attraction during this refurbishment, but there are quite a few tantalizing possibilities. First up is a reskinned theme similar to that which turned the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse into Tarzan's Treehouse at Disneyland. Another possibility is simply sprucing up some of the effects in the tree, which have become quite dated in recent years. Although it we would be surprised, this refurbishment could also simply be for regular maintenance, but again, considering the length that seems unlikely.

One thing that definitely isn't happening? Destruction. Though many have been calling for this attraction to be removed and replaced over the years, the fact that the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse even has a refurbishment date at all shows that Disney is definitely keeping this attraction around for the foreseeable future, at least in some form. 



Just went to MK this past weekend on Hopper Passes. Overall another fun time, however Tomorrowland needs SERIOUS updating....pretty much everything but Space Mountain. And maybe Buzz after a major cleaning and fresh coat of paint. The Land needs a COMPLETE overhaul/new attractions representing the NOW future and not from 30 years ago. Would LOVE and A Marvel coaster type of ride there and a redo of the slow and old speedway that is a HUGE eye sore in 2016 taking up so much freakin space. possibly changing it into Wreck it-Ralph's Sugar Rush Racing.

It's one of our favorite rides at Magic Kingdom. It really needs a camera in place for purchasing photos.

I desperately hope they will change the boats on Pirates. They are too low for a wheelchair user to transfer. Im missing this ride something awful! Everytime they do a refurb, i imagine the possibilities!! Come on Diz!

I desperately hope they install new boats that wheelchair users could transfer into.... i miss this ride like no other!

You're a little off on the guest loading capacity on Pirates. They can put on (if everything goes as planned) close to 2,000 guests per hour, not hundreds.

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