The last 24 hours have been quite the whirlwind for Universal fans (you'll get this pun in a minute). Yesterday morning, Universal parent company Comcast released its quarterly financial results, which included some interesting revelations about where the Universal theme parks are currently (including some startling attendance figures), as well as some hints as to where Universal parks might be going long-term.

However, Universal saved the best announcement for last, as it finally released the first details yesterday evening about a ride we've been hearing whispers about for months...

1. Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon has finally been confirmed

Image: Universal

Late last night Jimmy Fallon used his Tonight Show platform to officially unveil Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon, which is a brand new attraction coming to Universal Studios Florida in 2017. 

This attraction will be inspired by the "celebrity races" segments on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and aims to give guests the full Tonight Show experience. Guests will begin by making their way into a recreation of the famed Studio 6B for a very special Tonight Show taping with Jimmy Fallon. After this initial sequence, Fallon will challenge his studio audience to the ultimate race with him through New York City. During this journey guests will rocket through the streets of the city and then take to the skies, seeing everything from the subway to the tallest skyscrapers. During this ride, guests will see colorful characters, famous landmarks and anything else that comes to Jimmy’s mind, which should hold some surprises! 

Though the initial announcement doesn't say much about the ride itself, several well-placed sources have revealed that the "race" portion of the attraction will use a Soarin' style system that will lift guests in the air, giving guests the sensation of flight. 

During the announcement it was also confirmed that this attraction will feature 3D imagery, as well as "new technology" which has yet to be revealed. You can check out the full announcement below: 

2. Twister is (finally) closing next week

Image: Universal

Though this attraction has been on deathwatch for quite some time, it looks like Twister has now been confirmed to be officially spinning its last cyclone less than a week from now, as November 2nd will be this attraction's final day of operation. We're not entirely sure why or how this ride has lasted this long (perhaps it had something to do with Halloween Horror Nights?) but in any case, if you want to experience the thrill of Twister one more time (or take the not-so-secret control room tour) you've got only a few more days to do it as work will start on bringing Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon to this space on Novemebr 3rd. 



Another site is stating that Disney is whipping Universal at the gate, thus disputing Universal's claim claim that attendance is high.

Not happy to see Twister closing. Just think if a Jimmy Fallon 3D simulator was there this long and then they announced a Twister show everyone would be excited. Should have been replaced by a movie tie in, not a tv show. I hope it's good to say the least.

I'd love to see a Harry Potter hotel or at least some rooms in that style!

As for the 3D rides, I'll be honest, I LOVE them! I feel like they really capture Universal's goal to ride the movies. They are fun, unexpected, full of crazy cool effects, and live in three dimensions, just like our favorite movies. Don't get me wrong, I'm a coaster fanatic. But, those dark rides are a whole other creature... And I can't get enough!

Another 3D ride is not what we need... Good heavens... Stop with this 3D not a ride stuff. Actually build a roller coaster worth riding...

The only concern is attractions like "the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon" is only know to US markets, outside of the US he is a relative unknown whereas attractions based on films such as Twister, Transformers, etc are known globally. They need to retain their film-park ties.

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