Walking around Disney’s Hollywood Studios in its current state can feel like a frustrating experience for fans of this park. We know that big changes and new attractions are on the way for this park, but work hasn’t been started yet, which can make it tough for those looking forward to all these new developments to get excited.

However, it finally looks like some real progress has been made on the plan to "rescue" Disney's Hollywood Studios, and yesterday it was revealed that the first permits for this project have been filed. And while permit filings don't sound terribly interesting, these official documents actually confirmed some long rumored developments…including the revelation that this park is actually going to get physically bigger to accommodate all the new additions!

1. Disney's Hollywood Studios is about to be a bigger park

Image: Disney

According to the recent permit filing shown above (which was first uncovered by WDWMagic) the physical area occupied by Disney's Hollywood Studios will be expanding past the the southwest edge of the park, along the parking lot and the current Echo Lake area. Though the permits don’t say exactly how much the park is growing by, the yellow expansion zones look like they will add a good 10-15% of extra land inside this park. 

The confirmation that this park is growing is not a surprising development, as the scale of the forthcoming Star Wars Land is expected to be massive. Not only will this added area inside the park give this new land some room to breathe, but the additional space will also add much-needed capacity to the park, which is sure to explode with guests when Star Wars Land opens. However, the in-park congestion isn’t the only concern being addressed with these new permit filings...

2. More guests = more parking

In addition to the added space in the park, these initial permit filings indicate that there will be changes coming to the parking lot at Disney’s Hollywood Studios as well. It’s unknown at this time what changes exactly are coming, but the prevailing theory is that multi-level garages (like those being constructed at Disney Springs) will be built here, making Disney's Hollywood Studios the first Walt Disney World park to have a dedicated parking garage for guests. 

Looking at the permit, it looks like at least some space will be added to the current parking area as part of the yellow expansion area, but this shaded area doesn’t seem like enough for the park to add the amount of spaces necessary for the huge influx of guests expected to show up in the coming years. A possible explanation for this may be that the marked area could be used for temporary parking for cast members and/or working construction workers while these new parking garages are being constructed. 


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