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5 Important Dining Changes Happening Right Now at Walt Disney World

Just a few weeks ago we took a look at some dining changes that will be happening soon at Walt Disney World. However, now that the "off" season is in full swing, it looks like Walt Disney World is making even more changes to dining around the resort. All these changes are not unexpected, as Disney is opening several new attractions over the next few months (including the just-announced Club Disney) and is implementing several dining changes now so that when the projected record crowds show up next year to experience Frozen Ever After, Rivers of Light and more, Disney will be fully prepared to feed all those hungry guests. 

If you are planning to eat a meal at Walt Disney World anytime in the near future, here are all of the menu updates, new discounts, refurbishments and more happening right now that you need to know about!

1. Tortuga Tavern gets a new menu

Image: Disney

Just a few weeks ago, the Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café got a brand new Mexican-inspired menu, which was a welcome upgrade from the burgers and fries that this location has served in the past. However, the one drawback was that the menu was very similar to that of nearby Tortuga Tavern. However, it looks like that won’t be a problem much longer, as this location is getting a menu update of its own.

Image: Disney

Beginning today, this all-too often overlooked restaurant (which is located just across from Pirates of the Caribbean in Adventureland) will serve barbecue inspired dishes, featuring a pulled pork sandwich, a grilled chicken sandwich, a barbecue brisket sandwich, and a vegetarian-friendly roasted corn vegetable salad (order it without cheese for a tasty vegan option).

Though all of these new menu items look great, Tortuga Tavern will continue to operate on a limited, seasonal schedule and will only open on busy days or during testing periods. So if you walk by this dining location and it is actually open, make sure you stop in! 

2. Sunset Ranch Market eateries at Disney's Hollywood Studios close for refurbishment 

Image: Theme Park Tourist, Flickr (license)

Two of the most popular quick service locations at Disney’s Hollywood Studios went down for refurbishment this week:  Rosie’s All American Cafe and Catalina Eddie’s (both of which are housed in the Sunset Ranch Market food court). Walt Disney World has confirmed that these two Sunset Boulevard mainstays will be remaining closed through November 19th.

During the refurbishment, fellow Sunset Ranch Market resident Fairfax Fare (which serves chicken, burgers, hot dogs, etc.) will remain open, giving guests at least one option for a meal in this area of the park. Much of the larger outdoor Sunset Ranch dining area will remain open during the refurbishment, so guests won’t have to worry about finding somewhere to sit if they choose to pick up something from somewhere else. 

Though this refurbishment was announced a few days in advance, Disney has not confirmed what changes will be happening while these two locations are closed. Considering the length of the refurbishment we'd guess that some equipment upgrades and possibly menu updates are coming soon, but nothing has been made official yet. 

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