Character meet and greets are a big part of the entertainment offerings at Walt Disney World, and 2015 has been something of a transformative year for them, with several characters departing the resort forever and a number of interesting "roaming character" tests going on at the Magic Kingdom

This month brings even more changes to the Walt Disney World character lineup, including new locations for classic characters, a new meet and greet for what we originally thought was a long-lost character, plus a huge location upgrade for a Lion King favorite. If you are a character connoisseur (or just want to check out what's new at Walt Disney World) here's all the character changes happening in October that you need to know about! 

1. Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse change locations 

Image: Disney

Though Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse are meet and greet mainstays, guests visiting Walt Disney World will need to look in some new places to find these classic characters. Though Daisy Duck used to meet fans at Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Discovery Island, this character has hopped parks and is now seeing guests intermittently throughout the day at Epcot, in the space where Duffy the Disney Bear used to meet guests at the front of the World Showcase.Though Daisy hasn't left Animal Kingdom entirely (you can still find her during character meals at Tusker House), if you want to meet her outside the Magic Kingdom without purchasing a meal, Epcot is your only option. 

As for Minnie Mouse, her change is a little less drastic. Though she has been missing in action at Disney’s Hollywood Studios since the closure of The Magic of Disney Animation,  she has now been confirmed to be moving right outside her former meet and greet location to the Animation Courtyard, near the Disney Junior: Live on Stage show. However, when guests see Minnie Mouse in this area, she'll look a little different than they might remember, as she'll be wearing the dress featured in the popular Disney Junior series Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Minnie Mouse will also have a backdrop featuring a location from the show. This meet and greet is expected to open later this week. 

2. Flik returns to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Image: Loren Javier, Flickr (license)

On the same day that Daisy Duck moved to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, an old favorite (who we weren’t sure if we’d ever see again) moved into her former meet and greet space at Disney's Animal Kingdom: Flik, from A Bug’s Life! Flik will now be meeting guests and posing for pictures at regular intervals throughout the day at Discovery Island, near the newly-opened Starbucks location. Interestingly, even though Flik has historically met guests with A Bug's Life co-star Atta (and in fact still does at Disney California Adventure), he will be flying solo in this returning meet and greet experience. 

Though Flik left Disney's Animal Kingdom some time ago, it looks like this character is back in action at the park, and (hopefully) won't be leaving again for a long time. 



Daisy Duck has been appearing all over Epcot and I love it. Seeing the classic characters is always amazing!

Miles from Tomorrowland would be a great replacement for Stitch at Tomorrowland!! My 4-year old loves that show! I would also like to see Baymax come back as my kids watch that movie at least twice a week and they never got to meet him before they took him away :(

Pirate Goofy at Magic Kingdom. The fairies from the Tinkerbell movies also at Magic Kingdom.

Minnie has actually been meeting every day at Studios since the animation building closed. She is in rotation with the classic characters-Donald, Daisy, Pluto, Goofy and the chipmunks. She does her sets with Chip and Dale. However she is wearing her pink party dress, not the traditional red dress or the pink dress from the show

We went to Wdw September of this year. I am SO glad we got to meet Stitch in Tomorrowland! We were also walking around Epcot and got to meet him and a few other characters at a pop up style meet & greet tucked off to the right!

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