Yesterday, Disney announced that Walt Disney World would play host to a movie preview screening for new Pixar film The Good Dinosaur beginning on October 16th. While this news wouldn’t be remarkable on its own (after all, pretty much every Disney film over the past few years has gotten a preview at Walt Disney World), the location for this screening is a little strange: One Man’s Dream at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Instead of showing the mini-documentary about Walt Disney's life and the creation of Disneyland at the conclusion of this attraction, guests will now see a short clip and trailer for Pixar's latest film. 

This certainly seems like bad news for One Man's Dream, and with the imminent construction of Toy Story Land, we're inclined to believe that this latest development is yet another signal that this attraction's days are (unfortunately) numbered. However, the circumstances surrounding this latest development are a little more complicated than simply removing the Walt Disney film, as there are some additional signs that this attraction could come back to life. 

First we'll take a look at two points that seem to indicate that this attraction will indeed close for good very soon, but keep reading, as there’s some hope that this attraction may be kept alive as well!

1. The Good Dinosaur preview could have gone anywhere

Image: Disney

Disney has no shortage of venues for screening short film previews. The ABC Sound Studio at Disney's Hollywood Studios has been the preferred location over the past few years, and is currently sitting vacant now that Frozen Fever is no longer being shown as part of Frozen Summer Fun. Though some refurbishments may be happening inside this theater to prepare it for a Star Wars themed film clip collection (which has largely been rumored to be a part of the forthcoming Season of the Force event), Disney has also recently shown previews over at Epcot in the Magic Eye theater, which is still showing Captain EO, but housed previews for Tomorrowland and Inside Out earlier this year.

Between these two possible venues, there seems little reason to knock poor Walt out of his own attraction, and it doesn’t really make sense within the context of this historical attraction to showcase an advertisement for a Pixar film instead of the mini-documentary about Walt Disney’s life. Though many Disney fans are experts on all things Walt Disney, this film helped reach new generations of Disney fans and introduce them to the man behind the magic. Replacing that one of a kind experience with something like this just seems wrong and an indication that Disney parks decision makers don’t value this attraction and will have no issues closing it down when work finally begins in earnest for Toy Story Land next year.

2. One Man’s Dream has already lost a lot

Image: Sam Howzit, Flickr (license)

Of course, this blow stings even worse for One Man’s Dream fans, as one of the most iconic parts of the attraction, Walt Disney’s office, was already removed earlier this year. Disney never gave an official reason for this exhibit's removal, but rumors suggest that this iconic piece of history was shipped back to the Disney Family Museum in San Francisco, which lends credence to the theory that this attraction is very close to closing forever.

While there are still plenty of historical items to check out at this attraction, it just isn’t the same without that piece of Walt Disney, inspiring guests both young and old to work hard and follow their dreams.

However, even though the situation seems dire, there are some reasons for fans of this attraction to be at least a little bit hopeful…



The attraction, "The Walt Disney Story", was originally in the Magic Kingdom where the Town Square Theatre is now.

I think that closing this sucks and would be a huge shame. I love seeing the whole attraction and then the movie. It let's me feel like I am sitting right there with Walt and him talking to me about his ideas and dreams and what we can do.

In reply to by David (not verified)

I always feel like anything is possible when I watch that movie. Like the world is open for me the adventure and win. People need that feeling.

I think One Mans Dream fit perfectly at Hollywood Studios. Did The Walt Disney Company get started in cartoons and films or theme parks? NOT THE THEME PARKS! So how does the attraction explaining the false creation of Mickey Mouse and showing some of the first cartoons of the company not exactly work or fit at Hollywood Studios is beyond me.

I knew when they showed the map for Toy Story Land this attraction would be closed. Its right at the edge of the new land. I do believe it will find a new home somewhere at Walt Disney World. I certainly hope Main Street USA doesnt get it because that area is already highly congested. Adding this to that area would make it very difficult at times to get around there.

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