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4 Classic Components of a Magic Kingdom Visit in Danger of Being Lost Forever

3. Roaming characters

One of the biggest losses in recent years at the Magic Kingdom has been that of of wandering, roaming characters. Though guests that visit Disneyland still enjoy the company of characters around the park who will stop and talk with them, character encounters at the Magic Kingdom have become strictly queue-based affairs, with guests lining up to meet characters both inside formal meet and greets, and most recently in the park’s expanded hub area. 

However, Disney has been testing the return of roaming characters at the Magic Kingdom. Earlier this year, a roaming Snow White and an “on the run” Flynn Rider were both tested out at the park. And unfortunately both of these tests were never picked up past their initial trial period (though Snow White is still meeting guests in a more structured way now).

Though we were sad to see these experiences discontinued before they had a chance to really be experienced, there is some hope for the roaming experience at the Magic Kingdom. This coming week Disney is conducting a new test that will bring a roaming Peter Pan to Fantasyland. Though it has been a long time since roaming characters have been a part of the Magic Kingdom experience, we would love it if this character (as perhaps a few more) could start walking around Walt Disney World again!

4. A leisurely meal 

Though reservations are encouraged for pretty much every in-park table service restaurant, at the Magic Kingdom, Be Our Gust showed that it was possible to get guests to reserve quick service meals in advance for breakfast and lunch. While the Magic Kingdom has yet to expand the quick service reservation system, the influx of guests at Be Our Guest has made this restaurant pretty much unavailable on most days, filling up other nearby options like Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café, and backing up lines everywhere.

Having breakfast and lunch at the Magic Kingdom should be a simple part of a day at the park, but it is increasingly becoming more of a headache, as reservation scalpers scoop up all the table service availability, and the quick service locations just become more crowded. Though its still possible to have a nice meal at the Magic Kingdom, this is increasingly becoming the exception and not the rule, which is certainly a shame.

Unlike the other parks at Walt Disney World, the Magic Kingdom isn’t getting any new rides or attractions for the foreseeable future. However, that doesn’t mean that nothing is changing at this park. There are several experiences that are in danger of leaving the park forever, and while some of them are definitely a good thing (so long, ring carvers and hair wrappers!) we’re sad about the possibility of possibly losing out on park maps and roaming characters in the future. 

How do you feel about the future of the Magic Kingdom?

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There are 3 comments.

as far as companies who scoop up dinner reservations. there should be a random wait time when a person or company cancells and than right away rebooks. with all there teck knowledge disney should have a way of stopping companies from making multiple reservations and than reselling them

How nice. Soon I'll need a vacation planner to "plan" my Disney vacation for me. Disney just seems to keep taking things away, that made it an enjoyable experience. Soon we'll all need to make reservations a year or two in advance just to eat lunch. I miss the old days of Disney

I'm very sad to contemplate the loss of paper maps and roaming characters. We try to vist Disneyland once or twice a year, as we live in Oregon. Planning on making a Disneyworld trip in the next 1.5 years. Every time we go I collect the paper map from that visit as they always change. It is then added to our vacation souvenirs for that trip. We actually look at them frequently. As for the roaming characters, we as adults, get as excited as the kids when we round a corner and find Donald Duck, Pluto, Goofy etc... These are two big things for everyone of our trips and would change tradition for every future trip. Please don't take them away.


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