Upcharge events are nothing new at Disney parks. Though your admission ticket grants you access to all of the world class attractions, shops and restaurants inside Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort, Disney has been increasingly creating “exclusive” experiences designed to cater to those who don’t mind paying a little extra in an effort to convince the wealthiest guests to part with just a bit more of their cash. 

We won't argue whether or not these types of exclusive events have their place at Disney, but In the last week alone Disney has announced three new upcharge experiences, which has to be some kind of record. Making matters even more interesting, these new experiences represent some of the most outrageous upcharge events yet for Disney parks. Though little add-ons, tours and perks are certainly a great addition to any Disney visit, the following newly announced events are definitely pushing the boundaries of what consumers will pay for something a little extra during a Disney visit.

1. Ferrytale Wishes: A Fireworks Dessert Cruise ($99 for adults, $69 for kids)

You know those Ferryboats that launch from the Magic Kingdom and take guests dutifully to the Ticket & Transportation Center Dock every evening? Disney has found a way to monetize these boats, and get guests to pay for the opportunity to ride one during the Wishes nighttime spectacular every night as part of a brand new upcharge experience.

Ferrytale Wishes: A Fireworks Dessert Cruise, will take place on select nights one hour prior to fireworks showtime, will take guests out on the water for a unique vantage point for the show and will of course include plenty of desserts, many of which will be inspired by some of the Magic Kingdom’s iconic resorts. Confirmed sweets include “The Grand” key lime tart, pineapple upside down cake from Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, and spiced flourless chocolate cake from Disney’s Contemporary Resort. And of course, there will be enough cupcakes and candies to keep even the most avid sugar fan happy on this cruise. 

In addition to all the sweet treats, there will also be a variety of beverages available on board the ferry. Because you’ll be watching Wishes from outside the Magic Kingdom, the usual alcohol restrictions won’t apply, which means guests will be able to enjoy the fireworks with champagne or specialty cocktails, which is at least one advantage guests experiencing this upcharge events have over those viewing the fireworks in the park. 

Naturally, during the display itself the Wishes soundtrack will be piped into the boat for guests to enjoy, and Disney has promised some “magical moments” during the display for attendees as well. So how much can guests expect to pony up for this new event? $99 for adults, $69 for kids aged 3 to 9.

Oh, and if the price doesn't dissuade you from considering this add-on, do keep in mind this additional fact: Though there will be plenty of sweet things to eat and drink, the Magic Kingdom Ferryboats have no bathrooms….



The Ferry Boats and the Jungle Cruise don't strike me as a particularly clean places for dessert and certainly not dinner. Totally unappealing to me. Come on Disney. Use a little imagineering. Two thumbs down!!

I guess I would rather pay an extra fee and get a party with low wait times on rides that just pay an up charge and then only get the low wait times with no party. The fees for the parties at Disney are like the fees for "fastpass" at Universal but they don't give you a party.

FIREWORKS: You did not indicate whether beverage were included, or provided at extra cost? That aside I can just imagine the issues with people not being able to see the fireworks if they do not "camp out" a parking place on a rail.

The Jungle Cruise Breakfast seems to be about $251 higher than it should be. Oy!

We have taken advantage of Disney VIP Tour Services at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World... averaging out around $600/hour. The tour provided us with a personal guide and access to the FastPass+ lines at all attractions, as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes access. The tours were incredible... definitely worth it!

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No thanks ... its truly not worth anywhere near that price. We took advantage of Key To The World Tour a few years ago ... forget the exact price, but it was under $200 pp (think it was $159). Disney is fast becoming a rapacious company (as per Roy E. Disney's own words to Michael Eisner).

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