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The 24 New Attractions, Shops and Restaurants Coming to Walt Disney World by 2021 (September 2015 Edition)

5. The Planet Hollywood Observatory

Status: Confirmed 

Opening in: 2016

Planet Hollywood has finally confirmed its long-rumored redesign, and will be transitioning into a “turn-of-the-20th-century observatory” in order to jive with the new Disney Springs theme, complete with a Planet Hollywood water tower (replacing the current sign).

“Disney is turning it into a turn-of-the-century Central Florida mining town, and the observatory was a feature at the time,” said Planet Hollywood International founder and chairman Robert Earl. “We’ve gone back to that look for Planet Hollywood.”

In addition to the changes to the building, the name of this establishment will change to Planet Hollywood Observatory and a new menu will be introduced. 

4. Kilimanjaro Sunset Safaris

 Status: Confirmed

Opening in: 2016

Disney announced at the 2015 D23 Expo that Kilimanjaro Sunset Safaris will be coming sometime next year, and that work is currently underway on the existing Kilimanjaro Safaris attraction to “magically extend the orange glow of the setting sun” (which means, essentially, they’ll be installing some fancy lights). The only only real difference confirmed to be a part of this new(ish) nighttime experience will be the addition of two new species to the ride: hyenas and African wild dogs.

3. Avatar "mess hall" restaurant   

Status: Confirmed (kind of)

Opening in: 2018

Though Disney still has not officially confirmed the existence of this quick service dining location inside Pandora: The World of Avatar, this new restaurant location was visible in a model that Disney had on display for the event. In addition, during the Parks and Resorts panel, special "in universe" food options were discussed, but not specified. Though we don't know what it will be called, we feel confident saying this rumored restaurant will indeed exist in Pandora: The World of Avatar 

2. Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar

Status: Confirmed

Opening in: Fall 2015

After months of speculation, we finally got confirmation earlier this year that The Hangar is a real dining location set to open later this year. Officially named Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar, this new watering hole will feature Indiana Jones-themed drinks and appetizers and should have room for about 150 guests, and will be opening in just a few more weeks! You can read more about this project here

1. Avatar Boat Ride

Status: Confirmed

Opening in: 2018

Housed partially on the ground floor of the same building that will host the flying attraction, and partially outside, will be a "C-Ticket" boat ride. Speculation suggests that Disney will employ advanced audio-animatronics to bring to life the inhabitants of Pandora as guests travel around the circuit.

The attraction will be a water-based dark ride through the planet's beautiful jungles at night, when bioluminescent plants begin to glow. This boat ride will be only the second dark ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom (after the fast-paced, thrilling Dinosaur) and will offer a much-needed family ride to the park's roster as well. 

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