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8 New Attractions Opening at Walt Disney World in the Next 18 Months

5. Royal Summerhus

Location: Epcot

Opening in: Spring 2016 

Alongside the new Frozen Ever after dark ride will be the Royal Summerhus, which we have confirmed will be a straightforward character meet and greet location for Anna and Elsa. The massive, 13,000 square foot Royal Summerhus is actually based on a real log cabin in Norway, and the structure is meant to evoke the style and design of the country. This new meet and greet is set to open next spring alongside Frozen Ever After.   

6. Rivers of Light

Location: Disney's Animal Kingdom

Opening in: Spring 2016

Though this nighttime show was originally rumored to be opening alongside Pandora – The World of Avatar in 2017, it looks like the Rivers of Light show will actually be making its debut sometime next year (likely in the spring). Work on the seating area is ongoing around Discovery River in the park, between Discovery Island and Expedition Everest, but progress on the show itself is nearing completion, with projection and sound tests happening regularly at the park after hours.

7. Kilimanjaro Sunset Safaris

Location: Disney's Animal Kingdom

Opening in: Early 2016 (with Rivers of Light)

Work has been underway to create a nighttime version of Kilimanjaro Sunset Safaris for several months now, but this past week’s D23 Expo gave us the first real details about this evenings-only attraction. First off all, it looks like special lights will be used to “magically extend the sunset” after nightfall, which should help this new evening attraction feel a lot like its daytime counterpart. 

Guests checking out this attraction will also be able to view two new species, hyenas and African dogs, who may not be as easily viewable during the day. We expect this new(ish) attraction to debut alongside the Rivers of Light nighttime show, which will likely be next spring (look for an announcement either late this year or in early 2016). 

8. New Jedi Training Academy

Location: Disney's Hollywood Studios

Opening in: Unknown

The Jedi Training Academy is a popular interactive show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but it looks like some enhancements are coming to this show sometime between now and the end of 2016. Story changes and the introduction of characters from the Star Wars: Rebels animated TV series will be hitting this show sometime in the next year. Though details are scarce currently, we're expecting to hear more about the re-imagined Jedi Training Academy in the near future, almost certainly before next year's Season of the Force special event kicks off (sometime in the spring). 

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There are 3 comments.

As happy as I am for Soarin' Around the World, Soarin' Over California is my favorite Disney park ride, probably my favorite amusement park ride period. I've been planning a trip to Walt Disney World with my wife, since she's never been, and I was really hoping for her to see the original Soarin'.

Is it going to stick around in any capacity? Maybe at California Adventure?

Although the Magic of Disney Animation really needed to either be updated or changed into something else, that attraction was where I started as a Disney Cast Member and met the love of my life :/ we're both a little sad it's going. I thought they were going to expand the drawing class and get rid of the mushu show because that's what they did in Disneyland

I'll be a little disappointed if the Jedi Training Academy entirely uses characters from Rebels. I'm not sure if a duel with the Inquisitor would be nearly as interesting as with Darth Vader. Perhaps the change will actually have something to do with the new movie, and the duel will be with Kylo Ren, and the stormtrooper armor will be changed to match that of The Force Awakens.


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