Although Disney’s PhotoPass has undergone some big changes in recent years (most notably, integration with My Disney Experience and MyMagic+) some additional alterations and enhancements have been made to this essential service in recent weeks. No matter whether you are a seasoned pro or just an infrequent user of the PhotoPass service, you’ll notice these changes immediately the next time you’re at Walt Disney World, as they apply to all guests.

While the majority of these changes are actually good for the consumer (and will help you get a little more bang for your PhotoPass buck), there is one huge change that could actually discourage guests from making PhotoPass purchases in the future. But first, let's talk about the good news:

1. Digital copies are now included with print copies

One of the most bizarre policies to have ever been in use at Walt Disney World was the separation between physical and digital PhotoPass prints. Often guests would assume that once they purchased a PhotoPass print online (of any size) they would be able to download it digitally as well. However, until recently, digital copies and physical prints have been sold online as completely separate products, and guests could either pay twice for a digital and physical copy, or scan the physical copy at home to create their own digital copy.

Fortunately, this questionable policy has officially come to an end. Now when PhotoPass prints (of any size) are purchased online, the digital copy of that print can be downloaded by the guest instantly without any additional purchase or charge. The only caveat here is that the digital-with-print policy only applies to PhotoPass pictures purchased online, and does not affect in-park pricing or photo packages. 

2. All edits can be downloaded at no additional charge 

Another bizarre policy that was used by PhotoPass for far too long in regards to digital copies was the requirement that users had to pay to re-download digital copies online after any kind of edit was made. So, for instance, if you wanted to add a fun frame to your picture, zoom in on a specific part of the image or simply crop out other guests in the frame, you would need to pay separately to download the image each time you made a change. Naturally the majority of guests circumvented this by using their own photo editing software to enhance photos, but for those who wanted to use the simple PhotoPass photo editing interface, this inconvenience was more than a little off-putting.

Thankfully, this policy has been completely reversed. Now guests who purchase a digital copy of any PhotoPass image online will be able to download any edited versions of the image that are made with the PhotoPass online software. No matter whether you are cropping, adding effects, or even just zooming in, you can download as many edited verisons of the image as you like without fear of additional charge. 

3. PhotoPass photographers are easier than ever to find

Thanks to a recent update to the My Disney Experience app, it’s now easier than ever to find PhotoPass photographer locations all around Walt Disney World. Simply open My Disney Experience and select “PhotoPass” from the top menu (you'll see a new little lens icon the next time you log in). A list of PhotoPass locations around your selected park will then auto-populate. A map view is also available if you are tyring to find a PhotoPass photographer near your current location. 

Though PhotoPass photographers weren't exactly hidden before this app update, being able to see exactly where photographers are in relation to a specific landmark or attraction will help guests get the photos they want without wasting a lot of time wandering around. Guests can also approach PhotoPass photographers at these locations with their own cameras and smartphones, instead of trying to find other guests to help them take group photos (it's surprising how many guests forget that PhotoPass photographers will happily take pictures with guests' own equipment). 



I thought the only way to view your photos was to purchase the Memory Maker package. So why use the watermark since the photo are owned by the purchaser. There's the limited license which gives you the permission to reproduce the images.

I have Memory Maker from our recent trip to WDW in late June and those photos have not been watermarked. So I don't know if that will continue to be the case but I hope so since I've paid for the rights to all photos anyway.

This is different than Memory Maker right? Curious since we've purchased Memory Maker the last few trips. We never bought the PhotoPass thing.

The watermark seems excessive. The preview pics are already so low res screen caps don't even seem worth it!

They need to offer photopass options for annual passholders for a year like Universal and other parks; or at least extend the time frame from 30 days to 120 or so.

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