Theme park attractions come and go all the time, and even though we’d like all our favorite rides and attractions to stick around forever, the sad fact is that we have to say goodbye to at least a few every year. As summer 2015 draws to a close, it looks like there are quite a few attractions being marked for demolition, not only in Orlando but at theme parks around the country as well.

Once again this month we turn our eyes towards Disney's Hollywood Studios, as two more attractions are rumored to be on the chopping block at this park before the year's end in an effort to make way for the park's imminent re-imagining.

After looking at these rumored closures at Disney's Hollywood Studios we'll expand our scope and take a look at a few confirmed closures coming to other theme parks outside Walt Disney World in the next few months, including two major roller coasters that will thrill their last guests by the end of the summer. 

1. One Man's Dream 

Location: Disney's Hollywood Studios

Status: Endangered

When news of the closure of The Magic of Disney Animation surfaced last month, it set off a firestorm of rumors, with many claiming that other attractions at Disney's Hollywood Studios in this same area might close at the same time. While this ultimately didn't happen, rumors persist that the long-running One Man's Dream attraction could be closing its doors forever in the very near future. 

Though this attraction has been rumored to be on the chopping block before, it's looking more and more likely that One Man's Dream (which some may remember was originally intended to be a temporary attraction, much like the now-removed Sorcerer's Hat) will close its doors before the end of 2015. Though this attraction hasn't enjoyed massive popularity in recent years (rarely hitting capacity except in the case of inclement weather), it was notable for its non-fictional content, and those who have been disappointed by the rapid deterioration of the "concept" of Disney's Hollywood Studios often looked at the continued existence of this attraction as a bright spot for this park. However, with the re-imagining of Disney's Hollywood Studios quickly approaching, who knows if One Man's Dream would have fit in with the park's new direction anyway... 

2. Voyage of the Little Mermaid

Location: Disney's Hollywood Studios

Status: Endangered 

In a connected development, many believe that if One Man's Dream closes, Voyage of the Little Mermaid will also end production as well. Though it may not seem like it from guests walkways, Voyage of the Little Mermaid, One Man's Dream and the closed Legend of Jack Sparrow attraction all share the same building. If this area is indeed going to give way to a Pixar Place expansion (which we know is happening, just not quite where), then this entire building will likely be demolished, leaving Ariel without a home at Disney's Hollywood Studios

However, there is a bit of a potential bright spot for fans of The Little Mermaid. Though it is out of guest view, work on a new theater is well underway on the far side of Sunset Boulevard, in between the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. While some have hypothesized that this new theater will be used for limited-time events like Star Wars Weekends panels and the annual Comedy Warehouse holiday show, this under-construction theater could also function as a venue for a reimagined Little Mermaid show. Of course, even though work has already started on this new venue, Disney has yet to formally announce it, so it could be some time before we know whether such a possibility exists or not. 



I think it's disgraceful that they are even considering closing 'one man's dream' like the comment above, I think we should not forget where/who the parks originated from!
And The little mermaid is my favourite show in Disney, seems more things are closing than opening, not worth the price of the ticket at the moment, it should be close one, open one, not close 10 at a time.

These possible DHS closure are terrible news!!! I was really hoping to get spend some real time in "One MansDream" while we visit the Food & Wine Fest for my 40th birthday in 2016!!!! Also Voyage of the Little Mermaid is a favorite for me & my daughter. We see together every trip.

So disrespectful to the man who created this resort. Shame on you Iger! I will be happy when you leave Disney!

Figures, I love One Man's Dream and always make a point of visiting, and Little Mermaid is my favorite show at WDW. Love when it 'mists' inside from the 'ocean', and the effects are really cool. Great show!!

One mans dream is the last thing we have of Walt. Have we forgot what the resort is call its WALT Disney world. Dont forget why we are here

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