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3 MyMagic+ Changes You Haven’t Noticed Yet (But Will Soon!)

It has been more than a year since the full version of MyMagic+ launched at Walt Disney World, and in this time the system has quickly become an essential (and some would say, inescapable) part of visiting the resort. No matter whether you love MyMagic+ or hate it, you simply can’t go on a Walt Disney World vacation anymore without using this system to make dinner reservations, lock in FastPass+ selections or view your PhotoPass pictures. 

While MyMagic+ has already established itself as a ubiquitous part of the overall Walt Disney World experience, some interesting steps have been taken in recent weeks that suggest that the resort is satisfied with the first iteration of MyMagic+ and could be preparing for a roll out of a 2.0 version of this system. Though some of these changes are small, many of them have been performed with little or no warning, and taken together, they signal some big things could be on the horizon. While most guests probably won't notice these changes immediately, they will very soon... 

1. MyMagic+ service centers are closing

MyMagic+ KioskImage via Dennis Almedares

When MyMagic+ first launched, technical glitches and guest confusion ran rampant, with many calling the first version of this system a complete failure. Fortunately, Walt Disney World was quick to act on guest frustration, installing several dedicated MyMagic+ service centers across all four of its parks to help confused guests adapt to this system (which was simply not ready for primetime at launch). However, as guests have gotten used to MyMagic+ (and the technology has been ironed out), lines at these service centers have dwindled, with many sitting empty for hours on end. 

In response to this shift in guest behavior, Walt Disney World has been closing many of its MyMagic+ service centers around the resort. The most dramatic of these will be the closure of the long-running Main Street MyMagic+ service center located in the lobby area of the Town Square Theater, which will cease operations on July 21st. Though the City Hall location (which is across the street from the Town Square Theater) will still remain in operation, with guests needing less and less assistance with MyMagic+, this second location in the front of the Magic Kingdom was deemed unnecessary.

The closure of these service centers is certainly a sign of confidence in the MyMagic+ system, both from Walt Disney World and guests as well. Though we’d imagine at least one service center will remain open at each of the parks, it looks like guests are experiencing fewer and fewer issues with MyMagic+, and considering it hasn’t even been two years since the full-scale rollout of MyMagic+, that is definitely an impressive milestone. 

2. Tip boards are being removed all around Walt Disney World 

Before the days of MyMagic+ (and smartphones in general) tip boards were a vital part of the Walt Disney World experience. However, these billboards (which show wait times at popular attractions, in case you forgot) are becoming an endangered species, disappearing all around the parks. Though tip boards at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom have been gone for some time, it was revealed last week that the tip board on the corner of Hollywood & Sunset Blvd. at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is due to be demolished in the very near future, making Epcot the last park standing when it comes to tip boards. 

Although the convenience of MyMagic+ cannot be overstated, the removal of these tip boards around the theme parks seems a little unnecessary, as they didn’t take up much space, and were quite useful for those that didn’t want to stay glued to their smartphones all day. Though the removal of park tip boards may not be something that frequent guests notice immediately, the next time you’re at a park with a smartphone that has an exhausted battery, you just might miss them!

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There are 12 comments.

So this means more people with their faces stuck in technology instead of watching the excitement on their kids faces or watching them at all!! And no not everybody wants to be on these stupid devices all day!!

The problem with removing the 'service centers' is that once you use your three fastpasses reserved online, you have to go to a kiosk to get additional fastpasses. When I was there in June their were lines and waits for the kiosks everywhere. Now they're getting rid of some? That will only work if you can reserve more on the app after your three are used.

The MyMagic+ kiosks are not the same as Fastpass kiosks.

I think they are talking about the service kiosks not the fastpass kiosks. Although, I'd like to be able to use the app to book my next 3 fastpasses.

Omg, that's me in the top photo! hahaha how cool.

That is cool!

I don't like having every minute of my day planned out months in advance. I don't like only getting three fast passes. Even though you can technically get more, the only ones left are for rides that don't need a FP. It is especially bad for locals. My sister-in-law can no longer ride the big rides with us when we come because the fast passes are gone.

They said that the service centers are going away they did not say the kiosks are being taken out. The service centers are where people go for help and now that bugs are being eliminated they do not need as many service centers. Nothing was said that the kiosks are going away.

They said that the service centers are going away they did not say the kiosks are being taken out. The service centers are where people go for help and now that bugs are being eliminated they do not need as many service centers. Nothing was said that the kiosks are going away.

I'd bet the bonus fast passes will be available via app if the kiosks go. No need to be glued to your device, we love FP+ and I'm never stuck staring at my phone.

Now if Disney would just make a magic band with a built in watch it'd be perfect!

I'm stoked about fantasmic seating. Or any seating. No more middle-of-the-road jerks, hooray!

They have actually released watches that slide on to your Magic band. :)

No, this is not replacing the FP+ kiosks that allow you to add more FP selections, it is replacing the service centers (the trouble desk for issues with how to use MyMagic+).


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