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6 Strange Revelations About Shanghai Disneyland We Did NOT See Coming

4. Soaring Over the Horizon is real…and debuting at Shanghai Disneyland

We’ve been hearing rumors about an updated Soarin’ film for what seems like forever, and yesterday brought confirmation that ‘Soaring Over the Horizon' (note: not Soarin') will be coming to Shanghai Disneyland next year. This attraction will be identical in structure to the Soarin’ Over California attraction, but instead of spectacular views of one state in the US, Soaring Over the Horizon will feature amazing views of global locations for guests to feast their eyes on. 

Though this new film still hasn’t been confirmed to be coming to the US, we’d bet that when the new theater for Soarin’ at Epcot is finally ready to go next year, this film will make its way to Walt Disney World. Interestingly, some signage abnormalities at Disney California Adventure’s Soarin’ could also indicate that the Soaring Over the Horizon film could come to this location as well in the very near future...

5. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is heading to Shanghai

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train media event (3)

When a new Disney park opens up, it is reasonable to expect some cloned attractions. And as expected, classic rides like Peter Pan’s Flight and Dumbo will indeed be making their way to Shanghai Disneyland. However, in an interesting development, it looks like Walt Disney World’s newest roller coaster will also be cloned at this park.

While reviews for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train have been mixed, it looks like Shanghai Disneyland is getting this attraction anyway, complete with its next generation projection-assisted animatronics. Though some might consider this a curious choice of attraction to clone, it will fit right in among the other attractions in Shanghai’s Fantasyland area, which has been confirmed to be the biggest area of the park. 

6. Star Wars and Marvel won’t have much of a presence…

Though we’ve been speculating a lot lately about what the future may hold both at Walt Disney World and Disneyland with regard to both the Star Wars and Marvel properties, it looks like neither of these franchises will have much of a presence inside Shanghai Disneyland.

The lone Star Wars attraction will be the Star Wars Launch Bay, which will be a walkthrough attraction that will host set pieces, props and memorabilia from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. There will also be character meet and greet opportunities

Similarly, Marvel will be represented by a themed meet and greet area that will also include a “learn to draw” component (similar to the now-closed Magic of Disney Animation at Disney’s Hollywood Studios). 

While many are looking to Star Wars and Marvel to reinvigorate Disneyland and Walt Disney World, it looks like Shanghai Disneyland has a different plan in mind. 

On the whole, what we’ve seen of the Shanghai Disneyland is really impressive. With its six themed lands and robust lineup of original attractions, this park is definitely shaping up to be quite the amazing destination, and will certainly thrill park-goers when it opens next year. You can read more about the Shanghai Disneyland project on Disney’s official parks blog. Are you excited for Shanghai Disneyland? 

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It seems like this is a Disney park, but not a Magic Kingdom type park. While, everything might be beautiful and awesome, some of it sounds pretty generic. Storybook Castle is the worse, like the audience overseas has never heard of any of our princesses.

it is a magic kingdom park, the walt disney company have specifically saild so, so don't make groundless accusations


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