Theme park attractions come and go all the time, and even though we’d like all our favorite rides and attractions to stick around forever, the sad fact is that we have to say goodbye to at least a few every year. 

Though Disney's Hollywood Studios has already lost nearly half of its attractions over the past 18 months, June and July bring even more closures to this park, one of which has no clear replacement and could make Disney's Hollywood Studios even more of a tough sell for guests during the busy summer season. Outside Walt Disney World, changes are in the air at Universal Orlando Resort, with one attraction set to close very soon and another rumored to be on the chopping block in the near future.

This month we also take a look at a new rumor about a replacement for the recently-reinstated Captain EO at Epcot. 

1. The Magic of Disney Animation 

Location: Disney's Hollywood Studios

Status: Going extinct July 12th 

Just when you thought Disney's Hollywood Studios had been stripped to a bare minimum, we get news of yet another attraction closure at this park. Though we originally heard that The Magic of Disney Animation was going to be getting the refurbishment treatment, instead it looks like this entire attraction, including the Mulan pre-show, the Animation Academy exhibits and "learn to draw" features as well as character meet and greets (including Mickey Mouse and Hiro/Baymax) will all be closing on July 12th. 

Interestingly, the Animation Gallery store at the exit of the attraction is the only part of The Magic of Disney Animation that will remain open for at least a little longer, continuing to sell animation-themed items through the end of the summer. 

Though The Magic of Disney Animation was previously the only place at Disney's Hollywood Studios where guests could meet Minnie and Mickey Mouse, it looks like there is a plan in place to move these characters. Minnie is being shipped off to the outdoor area in front of the Great Movie Ride for regular meet and greets, while Mickey is being moved to a new "home" across from the Studio Catering Company quick service restaurant (possibly meeting guests near the restrooms, where Darth Maul meets guests during Star Wars Weekends).  

Sadly, even though Mickey and Minnie have been confirmed to be relocating post-closure, it looks like Hiro and Baymax from Big Hero 6 will bid farewell to their last guests on this attraction's last day, as they are not being relocated.

2. Twister

Location: Universal Studios Florida

Status: Going extinct later this year.

The demise of Twister has been long anticipated, and while we've had some false starts before, it looks like Twister is finally being demolished in a few weeks, as new permits have been filed the reveal plans for "interior demolition" inside the building that houses this attraction. 

The replacement for Twister has not yet been revealed publicly by Universal Orlando Resort, but well-sourced rumors indicate that an attraction based on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is in the works for this space, and could be open as early as next year



Lmao captain eo doesn't have any fans

I have a hard time understanding how WDW can justify closing so many attractions in Hollywood Studios and not replacing them, but continue to increase prices for admission. To me it is like paying for a cup of coffee only to receive the coffee grounds.

But Hallelujah and praise be. Goodbye Twister and Disaster!!(happy dance). It's been years since I've rode either and won't miss them. Another suggestion for Universal. Clean up E.T. or tear it down. It's in terrible shape for months now and Universal hasn't put much effort fixing it. They should be embarrassed.

They can't get rid of E.T! It's a classic and the last original ride of the park! I agree that it shows its age and could use a refurb, but come on, it is so cool to ride those bikes and fly across the moon the way E.T. and Elliott did. All kidd should watch E.T. and Universal provides a fun for the whole family way to grt fully immersed in E.T.'s world. Plus you have to have at least one original ride in every theme park and E.T. fits the bill!! However, i do agree that it's good that Disaster will finally be removed. The San Francisco section really doesn't fit anymore since London and Transformers came in. I say they do a totally original Fast and Furious, themed either to New York or London and remove that section of the park completely. Transformers makes sense in New York and with one more tweak, even Beetlejuice's show could be convincing coming from New York (there's a lot of crazy things on Broadway right now, what's one more?). And while I'm not a fan of a walk through attraction of the Tonight Show, Twister has definitely lost its excitement from when it first opened back in 1998 (I always said it would have been much cooler if they re-created riding in the Jeep trying to launch those probes all while trying to survive an F5 tornado). While I know my husband will be disappointed to see it go, as he loves the science behind storms, it is time for Twister to go. Finally, sad to hear that all of the animation building at MGM is closing. I knew that would be the easiest spot to meet Mickey in last year on our honeymoon and I was right (my husband's first time at Disney so you got to meet the big cheese, right?)! It is such a shame that hand drawn animation is barely used nowadays and it was so cool seeing the animators working on the next big project over the years. I loved Mulan knowing it was the last hand drawn movie to come out of Florida and the little show paid respect to that as it used Mushu as the narrator. I hope wherever they move Mickey, he is still accessible and not overly crowded because it all started with a mouse and it's just too crowded to try to meet Mickey at Magic Kingdom, so knowing he was at Magic of animation certainly brought some peace of mind that yes, a meeting with Mickey (without getting a Fast pass) would indeed be possible! Here's to change, so long as Disney and Universal respect and remember their roots and try to make it a great experience for both the young and the young-at-heart! :)

Twited is actually isn't a ride though, it's more of a show,. But both it and Disaster, although redone quite recently from the original Eartqake . probably need to go or refreshed and /or e replaced with more current movies or tv shows. Fast and Furios: Supercharged would be a great replace, as I like those movies, and ride attraction, than the present Disaster. I haven't been on E.T. for several years, but if as you you say it needs cleNing up/repaired/refreshed, then it should. E, or replaced with a newer popular move, cartoon, or tv show. I guess E.t. Is one of the only original rides or attraction that hasn't been replaced. by something newer.

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