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3 Reasons Walt Disney World HAD to Ban Selfie Sticks

Selfie sticks have been quite the controversial topic among park goers and while fans have been divided on the subject for quite some time, Walt Disney World has finally taken decisive action on this subject, making it official that all selfie sticks will be banned inside Walt Disney World's theme parks beginning June 30th.   

Starting on this date, a new policy will be enforced where guests who are found with a selfie stick at bag check will be escorted directly to Guest Services where they can “check in” their selfie stick and then pick it up as they are exiting the park.  If somehow a selfie stick is found to have gotten past bag check, guests will then be escorted to the front of the park by a Cast Member immediately where they will then be required to check their device in for retrieval later.

In a statement, Disney said “We strive to provide a great experience for the entire family, and unfortunately selfie sticks have become a growing safety concern for both our guests and cast. The use of selfie sticks also compromises our ability to deliver on The Four Keys Basics: Safety, Courtesy, Show and Efficiency.”

Interestingly, Walt Disney World isn’t the only place where this band will be taking effect.  Disneyland Resort will be banning selfie sticks inside its parks as well beginning June 30th and both Hong Kong Disneyland as well as Disneyland Paris will also be instituting their own bans on selfie sticks starting just a day later on July 1st.

Although selfie sticks are hardly the only items banned from Walt Disney World, this latest policy change may seem a little drastic to those who see these accessories as, at worst, a minor inconvenience. However, this decision certainly didn’t come from nowhere, as there were several contributing factors that likely led Walt Disney World to making this permanent ban on selfie sticks in its parks. 

1. A policy unenforced

Several months ago, Walt Disney World “clarified” it’s selfie stick policies by putting out an internal memo reminding Cast Members that these devices were considered to be “loose articles” and were not permitted to be taken out on rides. Cast Members were told to be on the lookout in front of attractions for guests with these devices, and to remind those carrying these acessories of this policy. In the event that a guest still took out their selfie stick during an attraction, Cast Members were instructed to stop rides until the guest put the device away. Signs were even added to the front of attractions like Big Thunder Mountain to remind guests that selfie sticks were not permitted. 

However, even though Cast Members did their best to try and enforce this rule, it was still largely ignored by guests, on an increasingly frequent basis. Although Cast Members were supposed to stop rides when this happened, the sheer volume of violators made total enforcement of this policy near impossible, frustrating both Cast Members and guests alike.

Though responsible selfie stick users may feel like they are being punished unfairly for the actions of a few bad apples, the fact is that we're not talking about one or two people, as violations would happen so regularly that Cast Members simply couldn't keep up. While this outright ban may seem harsh at first, the fact is that keeping these devices out of the parks is the only way to ensure attractions continue to operate normally so that Cast Members can stay focused on providing a great guest experience instead of hunting for selfie sticks and tracking down guests who violate policy. 

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There are 39 comments.

I think this is a smart move by Disney. It was just a matter of time they were going to get sued from someone that got hurt by one of those things. Last visit we went on my child almost got hit with one. People are so self absorbed these sa days that they dont pay attention.

I for one am extremely happy they banned these. They are an annoyance for everyone around them and potential danger. Disney did the right thing banning them.

They certainly cut down on the number of people buying the Disney over priced photos.

Any Disney photographer will take a picture of your group with your camera. All of the pictures they have taken for me,and there have been many, have all been just as good as the ones they took for my photopass.

YES! Does this feel like a victory for anyone else?

This is wonderful and overdue. They are dangerous and such an intrusion. When we were there in March had a couple of incidents where people walked right into us because they were using them and not looking where they were going. They are also such a distraction and should not be used on the rides or in the shows. The parks are no place for them.

It's a pity people are so inconsiderate and full of themselves that they become a problem for others simply because they just cannot stop taking pictures of themselves to show to the world how "cool" their little lives are. This would probably not happen in many European countries either because people have a certain sense of pride and common decency and respect the people around them.

I think your comment is wrong..... self sticks are being banned in Paris disney as well also there are people constantly yelling at you to buy things in the major attractions in European countries like colluseum, efile tower, Pisa ect.... so to say Europeans wouldn't do such inconsiderate things is wrong..... you have a slanted view of the world

I too am glad they banned the self ie stick.... use your arm!!!!

What about monopod? Will it also be banned?

Camera Monopods are allowed and also GoPro handles will be allowed.

But Vega, do you believe that Cast Members will know the difference? I surely hope so, but I´m not that sure.

I understand not using them on rides, totally get that, but come on! I've put my views on a couple of posts already but I for one am now at a loss.. I am disabled and a wheelchair/scooter user (apparently another one people want to ban!) when we watch Wishes/shows/parades, I get douche bags who 30 seconds before it starts decide it's their so called right to stand right in front of me so I can't see passed them and then put their adorable little child on their shoulders too just to ensure nobody gets to see. At this point my selfie stick would enable me to continue to watch... Now I shall watch the floor whilst my Bessie records it and I'll watch it on screen later..

There are seating areas reserved for handicapped. You sticking your selfie stick up is even more rude than the "douche bags" you complain about.

I'm rude for enabling myself to see..?? Do you even know what the word means??

People on scooters is another issue altogether. And the correct word is past...not passed.

Yea, scooter riders have no right to complain about others. Scooter riders and strollers think everyone should move out of their way while they just plow through the crowd. Most scooter riders aren't even handicapped unless you count being obese. Ban scooters, self sticks, and umbrellas

Believe it or not - No I don't act the way you are describing, I actually move out of everyone's way! Why I don't know when I get ignorant comments like yours anyway! And as for your comment on being obese and not disabled, I'd prefer that be the case that I could lose weight and be cured! You're a rare breed too huh?

Maybe you don't act that way (wink wink)but many many others do. ...And, thanks, I do consider myself a rare breed.

Amen....sick of stollers and scooters wheeling in to me. Most of the strollers don't have kids in them. And one scooter fellow wheeled his way thy, got out and walked over to smoke a cigarette.

I truly understand what you mean. When my family went to Disney World it was almost like I was invisible on the scooter I was using. I tried to be very nice, but people just would walk into me, cut in front of me so that my family and I would not be together.....finally I would just say "excuse me, you are blocking me from enjoying the park too"....since the people would move out of my way I can only guess that they got the point :)

There is a handicapped area for watching parades and if you make sure that you are on the edge of the curb anywhere, it should be pretty much impossible for someone to stand in front of you. I have nothing against your scooter unless you use it as a battering ram as some do with those and strollers. If I want a front row spot for a parade or show, I have to get there early enough to claim it. I'm sorry that you have mobility issues but that does not mean that you shouldn't have to do that too.

I leave the disabled areas for the kids, there's not much room in them to be fair, we get to parade spots around an hour before they're due..

Get over it. You're in the minority and should speak up if you're not being treated right by someone.

I understand you feel using a selfie stick is a help to you during parades, however it is just as annoying as putting a child on your shoulders. It also blocks other people's views. Also, they are just as dangerous in parade routes as on a ride. My daughter works on Main St. during parades and fireworks and was nearly hit in the neck one night. But one of the Sleeping Beauty fairies walking in the parade was actually hit and hurt while walking. It is very dangerous for not only the performers but the drivers of the float as well. It could cause a huge disaster.

I think it's great that they are doing it. When my family was there in February I got it with one at least twice a day. We were at the parks for a week and it was just so annoying! I'll be happy when we go again next year that they will be gone.

I know for a fact that Six Flags Magic Mountain had a Selfie Stick ban but because they started to sell them they got really relaxed with their policy. They have a ban on Mono-pods and tri-pods itv even states selfie sticks, even thou it's a mono-pod.

I have a Selfie Stick that I carry with me everywhere I go. It's also called My Arm.

best comment ever!

Good thing ! Should be généralisés !

I glad to hear they will not be allowed in the parks, we will be there in December and will be happy they won't around. I take a lot of pictures and don't want pictures of cell phones on sticks.

We are in Disney now, and the selfie sticks are the most annoying gagets around...all you see during Wishes is these sticks in the air...and little kids swinging them around...Glad they will be banned.

Its interesting because Universal Orlando sells them in front of its gates...

Yeah, just finished a vacation in California including both Disney parks there. Totally annoyed with the constant selfie stick use. So glad they will not be at Disney World when we next visit.

Smartest move ever is banning those selfie sticks.I live in NYC and it is a constant battle with the tourists and those damned sticks. I spend half my commute bobbing and weaving away from those who so rudely extend their arm to use the stupid thing. I travel to lots of theme parks and I get so frustrated having to avoid selfie stick users that I forget to enjoy myself.

SO GLAD for the ban! As a Cast Member, I'm always letting Guests know that if they would like group pix taken, don't hesitate to involve any Cast Member to snap one for them! It's all part of why we're there: to help Guests to create memories (HAPPY ones, I hope!! lol)

CM's have always been happy to take pics, but it's also great to take your own when you want to Goof around

we can find good quality of selfie sticks in


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