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A Frozen Boat Ride is Coming to Walt Disney World, and Now it Has a Name

Late Monday evening, the Wall Street Journal published a new report that broadly speaks about Disney’s current “franchise” mentality, mentioning things like the current success of Marvel films, future plans for the Star Wars franchise and more.

However, though these points are certainly interesting, tucked away in this report are some very exciting developments about the Frozen ride set to debut next spring at Epcot’s Norway pavilion. Though much of what we learned does confirm some of the long-rumored developments that we’ve reported on before, it also included a few surprises (including a Maelstrom holdover) that we definitely did not see coming!

1. The ride will be named Frozen Ever After

Though we’ve been referring to the Frozen ride as simply ‘The Frozen Boat Ride’ for what seems like forever, it looks like we finally have an official name for this new attraction: Frozen Ever After. Though the name seems to hint that the ride will explore events that happen after the plot of the film, with a sequel confirmed to be in the works, it seems doubtful that there will be too much story development in this brand new ride, with the attraction instead simply mirroring the events of the film, perhaps from a different perspective (much like Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid at Magic Kingdom).

Also, any comparisons to animated short Tangled Ever After are purely coincidental, we assume.  

2. Animatronics AND screen-based effects will be used 

Because of the accelerated development time for this new attraction, many Walt Disney World enthusiasts were worried that Epcot’s Frozen ride would rely heavily on screen-based effects (which can be quickly installed and are fairly cheap to produce). However, the aforementioned Wall Street Journal article has confirmed that animatronics of characters Grandpappy Troll, Sven, Olaf and of course Elsa are being built for the ride, while concept art showcases some impressive digital projection effects in the background. 

Though main characters Anna and Kristoff are notably absent from the list of confirmed animatronic characters, it’s unlikely that a Frozen boat ride would not include the film's second and third most popular characters (we're assuming Olaf doesn't make most 'favorite' shortlists...)

3. Maelstrom’s old boats are back! 

Though there had been some speculation that the old Maelstrom ride system was being ditched for the new Frozen attraction, it has now been confirmed that Frozen Ever After will indeed use the same boat ride system as Maelstrom and will also use the Viking-inspired longboats that were a hallmark of this former attraction.

Though we will always miss Maelstrom, it’s nice that at least a small part of this former ride will still exist inside Frozen Ever After. 

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There are 12 comments.

In regards to #5, the new ride is actually going to be longer than Maelstrom was. The new ride will be expanded into the space that was previously Malestrom's queue and load area and the post-ride movie theater will now be the queue.

I would have to disagree with the Viking boats. They were hauled off for scrap and do not exist anymore. Saw pictures of them being dismantled on another site. They may be building new ones of some sort. But you won't see the original Maelstrom boats. They definitely need to upgrade EPCOT. Half of Innovations is now closed. The old Wonders of Life pavilion is empty. Imagination is not worth anybodies time now. Energy needs something new. There are a few others I won't go into...

The problem at EPCOT is not EPCOT per se, it's the so-called Disney "upgrades" or "improvements" that have been made over the years.

Journey to Imagination was an experience Everyone couldn't wait to ride, but they've turned it into a cheap "attraction" of cardboard-hanging signs, not much else, and threw in Figment. It used to be a Great ride!!! Whose idea was that "improvement"? and what did they do with everything that was originally in the ride? GONE!

The Land had some great rides as well. Body Wars was a Really GREAT ride (similar to Star Tours)but riding thru the human body! Everyone loved that too! GONE!

There was the Kitchen Kabaret (Singing veggies in refrigerator) attraction; it was also quite cute & kids really loved it. A ride for kids....really? (Not some scary, coaster thrill ride?) GONE!

Riding thru The Land is very educational & informative and should definitely stay, but my guess is; someone with A GREAT BUSINESS MIND will remove that as well!

Years ago, there was the World of Motion, by GE; another really Great Ride!! Why ever did they remove THAT ????? (replaced by Test Trak). GONE!

Finally, Horizons, another Great ride thru our world. It was encouraging and informative, and in the end, riders had the choice of which world (space travel, under the sea, or desert) they would like to experience. The ride was still not outdated, yet again, it is ....GONE!!!

As for the Frozen epidemic coming to EPCOT, (I for one, loved the movie,but seeing it once, and hearing Let it Go more than I ever want to hear any song]) I voice my utter Frustration!!!! FROZEN BELONGS IN HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS!!!! That's the park that needs a shot in the arm!!!

EPCOT was never intended to showcase Disney movies! It was built to educate & inform, and entertain us about the past, the world of today & the world of tomorrow! Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow!!!!!!!!! NOT of NEMO, OR FROZEN etc.

I have LOVED WDW and vacationed there since the first year it opened. We took our 4 kids there every 3-4 years, and continue to take our grandkids (who live in LA) there to experience the wonders we experienced.
But now, sadly, I feel whoever is in charge, and I say that sarcastically, does NOT care about our Disney memories, or's just about the $$$.


So this ride is supposed to be a "shot in the arm" for EPCOT. So using the enormous profits from the insane ticket prices to build more rides around the world show case and update the attractions in future world and bringing back the health pavilion was a bad idea.

It's rumored that they are switching the loading areas around so that they can add an extra scene at the end. That's probably where the extra 30 seconds is coming from.

Having just been to EPCOT, I concur that it needs a major shot in this arm.. but this Frozen ride is not it. The entire Future World area (short of Soarin and Test Track) needs a reboot. Even the color scheme screams "1980's". How about a completely new Imagination pavilion? The Universe of Energy should be renamed the Universe of No Energy. It has literally become a dinosaur. The Body Pavilion has been in moth balls for years and under utilized. And there are as many haters of Mission Space as there are devotees. And what ever happened to adding new countries to the World Showcase? I know that at one time there was talk of adding an African Watering hole to the south portion... which was then killed when Animal Kingdom was built. With all of the advances in technology, so much can be done with this park... instead of a Frozen attraction.

well, this is disappointing... at best! They mine as well say, "we are literally throwing this ride together as quickly as possible so that we can get it open." It's bad enough that they are now incorporating fantasy and commercial properties into once charming World Showcase countries (while taking out a ride that portrays the culture and history of Norway), but to simply throw a ride together like this is a shame. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Car ride was extremely disappointing and I was hoping for at least something new and innovative for this ride... but nope! I find it very hard to believe that Disney's Imagineers are this lazy, so I have to put the blame on the individuals that approve the new ideas from the Imagineers. These new rides and new land (New Fantasyland) are an insult to the innovative and creative rides of the past.

Hmmm... it needs a shot in the arm? How about doing something pertinent and relevant in all those empty or outdated Future World attraction buildings?! I know, that's crazy talk.

If your going to take out a beloved ride don't just replace it with the movie we can see that all day at home really bad move Disney BOO

I am a little confused, either this site or another similar one showed the boats from the Malestom on a flatbed truck leaving the Disney area. Are they using the same design for new boats ?

I'd have preferred they move Frozen Ever After to another park, and mainstream Epcot into a more adult playground with more focus on adult culture around the worlds, whether that be drinking, adult pallet food, more adult history.

I can't wait to Frozen ever After ride in Epcot next year! I love Frozen!


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