With Walt Disney World’s constantly changing refurbishment schedule, it can be difficult for guests to keep up with the latest news on their favorite attractions, resorts, shops, and restaurants. Here are five big, upcoming changes that are either very strongly rumored or confirmed to be hitting Walt Disney World in the near future.

1. Dream Along With Mickey

Status: Confirmed

Dates: July 18 - August 23

As work on the newly expanded hub continues this summer, castle stage show Dream Along With Mickey will be going on a short five-week hiatus from July 18th to August 23. Officially, this refurbishment will include several stage upgrades and structural modifications related to the ongoing hub renovations. 

However, a rumor has popped up in recent weeks that implies that this show may not just be going down for refurbishment, and could indeed be heading for retirement. WDWNT reported last month that this show could simply not appear after this aforementioned refurbishment period, instead being replaced by a new character-based stage show. Though we don't know definitely what is going on with the nine-year-old Dream Along With Mickey show, if this is one of your favorites, you may want to make sure you make it to see this show some time in the near future. 

2. Walt Disney World Railroad 

Status: Confirmed

Dates: September 28 - November 6

Another surprise refurbishment that was announced earlier this year is that of the Walt Disney World Railroad, which is scheduled to go down for more than a month this fall. The park has not confirmed what kind of refurbishment is taking place during this moderate refurbishment period, but guests who had originally booked the "Magic Behind Our Steam Trains Tour" during the refurbishment period received a cancellation notice citing "unforeseen track maintenance" as the reason for the refurbishment.

Though we don't exactly know what that little bit of verbiage actually means (if the maintenance was unforseen, why are they waiting until September to perform it?), there's been no evidence to suggest that the anything about this attraction will change significantly during this refurbishment period. 

3. Innoventions West

Status: Rumored 

Dates: n/a

Innoventions West seemingly closed for good earlier this month, as all of the former exhibits, minus the Visa character experience are all behind walls. Attractions like The Great Piggy Bank Adventure and IBM's THINK are being dismantled, but once the last piece of these former attractions is torn down, Epcot has to do something with this now open space...right? 

Many have expressed that they would like to see new attractions come to this area (either under the Innoventions banner or something else entirely), but Walt Disney World has released zero information about whether this closed area is simply under refurbishment (implying that more Innoventions-style attractions are coming soon) or whether something new is in the works for this area. Of course, there's the third option....this area could join the Wonders of Life Pavilion as a former attraction abandoned in plain sight...but that's definitely something that no one wants to see happen...



PoC is only going down to retrofit the tracks for the newer boats. They misalign, which is part of what caused the idiot sticking his hand in the water to lose two fingertips last year. It also goes down regularly, so they'll be tinkering with basic ride systems as well. There's no overhaul to the actual attraction, just fixing what's broken.

My husband and I were there in October of 2013 and the Railroad was down for maintenance and repairs. He was so disappointed, he loves trains. How am I going to tell him the train will be down again this trip? Rats!! ;-)

POC is one of our favorite rides and it is closing 3 DAY before we will be in MK. How I wish they would let us ride it once before they take it offline. Since we booked they announced this and the destroying of Norway. Being a decedent of the viking that founded Norway. The latter infuriates me much more. Sucks that the 2 rides we look the most forward to will not be able to be rode and one will never be able to be ridden again.

The railroad was down for a similar return at the same time period in 2014.

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