Though FastPass+ (and the larger MyMagic+ system) has had its share of critics since it began its test phase in mid-2013, this system has been an enormous success for Walt Disney World. Though MyMagic+ had a bit of a stunted beginning with several early adopters expressing frustrations with the numerous glitches that plagued the system's early days, MyMagic+ has grown into an all-encompassing service that allows guests to make attraction reservations, view transportation options, and even select meals months in advance. And the system is still growing, as add-ons like the ability to order food to go and have merchandise items delivered in the park are currently in the testing phase, and expected to roll out on a larger scale at Walt Disney World later this year. 

With these successes in mind, it should come as no surprise that the MyMagic+ is being fast-tracked for rollout at two more Disney parks around the world.  And in an interesting development, one of the parks will be getting its own version of MyMagic+ in just a few months! 

1. FastPass+ is coming to Disneyland this summer

We’ve reported before that FastPass+ was on the way to Disneyland before, but now we have a date, and it might be sooner than you think! According to WDWNT, MyMagic+ and FastPass+ will make their Disneyland debut this August. Though it might seem a little foolish to introduce a new system during the busy summer season, launching it when guest traffic is still elevated during the last days of summer seems like a great way to "stress test" Disneyland's version of MyMagic+ when it first rolls out, especially since the framework for both the Disneyland and Walt Disney World versions is likely quite similar (making this an easy project to fast-track). 

2. There will likely be be a limited testing period

However, even though we know that the system will begin rolling out in August, the version that guests at the Disneyland Resort will use during its first few weeks and months of operation will likely not be the final version and will almost certainly not be available to all guests.

Much like the Walt Disney World test, which saw features added to MagicBands slowly (and rolled out to passholders and non-resort guests over the course of several months), the Disneyland version of MyMagic+ will start slowly and build towards a version that includes all guests with full feature access. It's impossible to know what kind of timetable the testing period will encompass, but it will likely be at least a few months before the first "full" version of Disneyland's MyMagic+ is available to all Disneyland guests.  

3. There will be Disneyland-specific “tweaks”

When it was first announced that Disneyland would be the next park to get MyMagic+, then-parks chairman Tom Staggs hinted that the version of the system that makes its way to Disneyland would not be quite the same as the version Walt Disney World visitors have come to know. One big factor that necessitates change for the Disneyland system is the fact that Walt Disney World is very much an international destination attracting the majority of its guests from out of state, while Disneyland functions more as a regional park, attracting a much higher volume of passholders and local visitors.

Because of this reason, there will likely be park-specific tweaks to the system that will be a little more friendly to these "base" guests. Changes will probably include default park hopping ability, greater flexibility when it comes to FastPass+ reservation windows, and perhaps even a sharper focus on dining and merchandise functions. 

Though we don't have any concrete answers about what kind of changes could be made for a Disneyland version of MyMagic+, we do have a few suggestions... 



At first I wasn't for the bands. Being a pass holder during the change, I've had a few problems. But, for the most part they worked great. I have never had a problem with a fast pass. You have to give Disney credit, it was a big expense and gamble. I think as time goes by, everyone will like them. I have a pretty good collection of them now. Technology is always changing. Smart phones didn't work so well when they started. Now, we all have them! Looking forward to collecting more bands in the future! Have a magical day! :)

i love the magic bands and mymagic+ but i do not like the fast pass + at all. i am not a planner and i like to go to what ever park i want to without having to make plans 60 days out.people spend more time on their phones looking to see where they have to be and i think it takes a lot of fun out of going to disney world

I like those wristbands

I have been to WDW twice using Fastpass+. I strongly dislike the system. There is no consistency in answers concerning Fastpass+ among the cast members. There is very little room for spontaneity. It strongly discourages social interaction (many guests become tied to their phone app which is linked to Fastpass+). I think Walt Disney would be appalled at what has happened to his parks. I was hoping Disneyland would avoid Fastpass+ and maintain the original values Walt had of a family oriented park.

im sorry but I don't think it should be for the general public. I think it should be for people who either have a package deal or who stay at one of the hotels in Disney or DVC members or pass holders that's what these members of Disney pay all that extra money for is to get that little extra in the parks. They stay there to get into the parks earlier then the general public and to get fast passes and dinning reservations easy. If you just come for the day and not a member of Disney one way or another I don't think you should have the same rights as those who scrimp and save there hard earned money and time of for that little extra stuff . Maybe that sounds unfair but we pay that extra to get those benefits so if all the public get the same benefits why should we pay that extra from now on to get the same as the rest who don't pay more?

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