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7 Hypothetical Nintendo Attractions We’d Love to See Come to Universal Orlando Resort

5. Kirby play area 

The Nintendo license is a real win for Universal as it has the distinct advantage of being something that almost all ages can recognize and will want to enjoy. So while those of us who have reached the 54 inch height requirement are ready to ride all the rides, smaller members of our respective parties will probably want an experience inside Nintendo Land that is all their own. Enter the Kirby soft play area. Though Kirby isn’t necessarily a kiddie game, its most recent entries have certainly had a softer feel to them, and would be easy to translate into a play area accessible to toddlers, preschoolers and young children (similar to the Curious George area).

6. Mario & Luigi drop towers

Now you may be thinking, “A drop tower? In Nintendo Land?” Look, I hear your criticism, but just stay with me for one second. What are Mario & Luigi famous for? Magically being able to transport themselves down warp pipes. So what better way to recreate this than with twin drop towers.  One could be a kid friendly mini drop tower, while the other could be a “big brother” drop tower for teens and adults. And just for grins and giggles, this attraction could play the “warping down” noise right before the drop. How amazing would that be? Answer: pretty amazing.

7. Donkey Kong flume ride

Look, we all know that there’s another big monkey coming back to Universal Orlando Resort in 2016. But I think there’s room for two giant monkeys at the resort, and the other could be the princess-stealing, barrel-tossing variety. Though it might not seem like an obvious fit at first, a flume ride that has you literally riding a barrel through different setpieces featured in recent Donkey Kong games could be pretty cool, and a great way to bring this classic character to life. 

The world of Nintendo games and franchises is quite vast, and we’re quite aware that we’ve only scratched the surface here as Nintendo could develop attractions based on Metroid, Kid Icarus, StarFox or even Animal Crossing (hey, it could happen!) What kind of rides or experiences would you like to see come to Universal parks as part of this new licensing agreement?

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