With only one week to go until Star Wars Weekends 2015 kicks off, Disney has surprised everyone by announcing that an all-new Star Wars themed restaurant will be opening just for the event. While Star Wars Weekends has played host to several pop-up snack stands in recent years (like Admiral Ackbar’s Snack Bar), this is the first year that Star Wars fans will be able to enjoy a dedicated restaurant with its own unique menu

Dubbed the Rebel Hangar, this new temporary restaurant will only be open on event days and reservations are recommended. Though Disney has not confirmed whether this restaurant will be quick service or table service, they have confirmed that entrée prices will range from $5.49 to $16.99, which suggests the former.

Though we haven’t seen the inside of this new location, we do know that it will be extensively themed with plenty of Star Wars goodies and there will be some character appearances (though we don’t know in what capacity). But aside from the décor and the sure-to-please character experiences, this new restaurant will have some truly inspired Star Wars themed dishes that look absolutely delicious!

1. Darth Maul hummus 

The Rebel Hangar will have a number of snacks and appetizers for guests to enjoy, but by far the one with the most personality is the Darth Maul hummus. I mean look at that face! This red pepper hummus is served with red pepper couli "eyes", the face is made from black sesame dust, and the whole thing is served with corn tortilla chips for dipping.

2. Galactic Garlic/Parmesan Fries 

Want your small plate a little less... menacing? For something that won't stare at you while you eat it you can sample these garlic fries which are tossed with parmesan cheese and served with a garlic aioli for dipping.

3. Padmé Amidala Naboo Salad 

We all love the dark side. But all too often, the dark side comes with calories. If you're looking for something a little less sith-ful, this salad includes seared chicken breast atop a bed of bibb lettuce, grape tomatoes, watermelon radish and almond frica, and is served with a parmesan-peppercorn ranch dressing. 

4. Lightsaber Bites 

 I know what you're thinking. Corn dogs don't really look like lightsabers. But you know what, neither do chopsticks, popsicle makers, candlestick holders, lamps or BBQ tongs. It just works, OK? Plus, these hand-dipped corn-battered knockwurst sausages look pretty scrumptious and are served with house-made chips and mustard dipping sauce.

5. The Dark Fried 

If you are one of the many who wonder what exactly tempts Jedi to turn to the dark side, the answer is simple: Chicken and Darth Vader waffles. Add some maple syrup and sweet barbecue sauce for dipping, and no padawan, knight or master stands a chance against this killer combination. 



wish they would make it permanent!

I just tried to get a reservation for this restaurant and it is unable already on May 31 and they are not doing it on the weekdays only Friday - Sat and Sunday. Food looks really good wish I could try it.

The FOOD will be with you, always...

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