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Though Disney's Animal Kingdom and Epcot are going through some pretty big changes, Disney's Hollywood Studios is preparing for what could be the biggest park reboot in company history (a title previously held by Disney California Adventure). However, even though work on several projects is ongoing, Disney has yet to confirm or formally announce many of these planned changes, which can be a little frustrating for those of us excited for the furure of this park.

Fortunately, the rumor mill has been pretty reliable at giving fans hints about what is coming to this park in the next few years. Though there are still a few gaps to fill in, here's everything we know (and everything we don't) about the 4 big unannounced projects in the works for Disney's Hollywood Studios.  

1. The Sunset Boulevard theater

What we know:

Disney quietly filed permits several days ago to build a new theater in the Sunset Boulevard area of the park. The permit filings refer to the theater as a "flex space" which makes it sound like something designed for use for annual events like Star Wars Weekends. 

What we don't know:

Because this development is rather new, we're actually waiting on quite a lot of information about this new theater. Of course, our primary concern is what the theater will be used for. Though the "flex space" name does imply a theater for special events, that could be a temporary name that is being used to mask its real purpose.

Aside from what is going into the theater, it would also be great to know when construction might begin. Disney's Hollywood Studios is going through quite the transformational period, and the sooner they can beef up their flagging attraction roster, the better. Though a theater does take time to build, it doesn't have as many moving parts as a ride, which could be good news if this theater is to house a new show (which could draw guests while other parts of the park are under construction). 

2. Toy Story Playland

What we know:

After the Studio Backlot Tour closed for good last year, speculation began flying about what Disney might use the giant footprint taken up by this ride for. And within weeks it seemed like we had an answer: Toy Story Playland. Though this new area is modeled after existing playlands in Hong Kong and Paris, current rumors suggest it will have at least one unique flat ride and will serve as an extension of the existing Pixar Place land, instead of its own entity. 

What we don't know:

Though this rumor has persisted for months, we know precious little about what is actually being done to bring this new area to life. Because the giant Backlot Tour facade is still in place, it's impossible to see what is going on in this area. While many sources suggested that Disney's Hollywood Studios went with Toy Story Playland because it was an inexpensive way to get new flat-ride style attractions into the parks quickly while construction in other areas of the park is underway, the lack of updates from Disney has us a little worried. Could there have been a delay with this project? Or could Disney be preparing to shift gears on this? Anything is possible, and unfortunately it looks like we'll have to continue to wait for more information on this supposedly speedy project. 



It looks like the construction for the new theater is starting almost immediately. They already have a fence up to keep cast members out of that lot.

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