Several weeks ago, Universal quietly began a test that saw pop-up metal detectors installed at the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. Though park-goers initially decried the decision to put these metal detectors in front of the rides, most team members just waved off guest concerns as the metal decetors were simply a temporary measure that would end its "test period" soon. Though the metal detectors in front of the ride did indeed come and go at seemingly random intervals, only a few weeks later new metal detectors were installed in front of the Hulk and Dueling Dragons coasters at Islands of Adventure.

Though Universal officials continued to maintain that these new metal detectors were still a part of a testing phase, Universal Orlando spokesman Tom Schroder made this new security measure permanent Wednesday, saying that the metal detectors will be sticking around for the foreseeable future.

In a statement released to the Orlando Sentinel, Schroder said, "It's in response to what people are carrying in their pockets these days," adding that "All of us have seen the amount of stuff we carry increase with time. All these things are items that … have no place on high-speed rides. It's just too easy for them to come loose." 

While some have argued that metal detectors simply don’t belong in a theme park, it looks like this new security measure will be the new normal from now on for guests visiting Universal Orlando Resort. So what can we expect now that this new security measure has been made permanent? Here are 3 side effects guests will begin seeing immediately:

1. Longer wait times

As with any big policy change, guests at Universal Orlando Resort can expect wait times for affected attractions to lengthen as Team Members work to adapt this new policy. Though training is likely ongoing, several social media posts have been made over the past few weeks that describe Team Members lamenting their own lack of expertise on using both standing metal detectors as well as the hand-held “wands” that have been in use as well. 

The one bright spot here is we are firmly in the slow guest traffic period between Spring Break and Memorial Day Weekend, so Universal has a lot of time to iron out the process, and hopefully get Team Members 100% up to speed before summer officially kicks off. Still, in the meantime, if you are planning to hit the parks in the next few weeks, expect some delays if you want to experience these three attractions.



Interesting addition... I was in the parks today, and when I went on Dragon's Challenge, I noticed the scanners were further into the queue than Rock It or Hulk. I also noticed Black Tape over the logo of the machine. I asked a Team Member why, and they explained that JK Rowling insisted they cover up the logo!

It's true what they are saying about guest behavior. I operated a ride at Disney that requires guests to empty their pockets because it spins in an enclosed environment. It's a huge safety risk and I had to stop the ride several times a week because people straight up lie about what they have in their pockets. You can offer them a courtesy locker but heaven forbid they have to be parted from their wallet, purse, or hat for 3 minutes while they are on a ride.

I recently was subjected to these metal detectors and it greatly increased wait times. They were very poorly thought out with having the stations in the middle of the queue. In addition,it really took away from the experience because I felt like I was at the airport constantly being waved down and put through detectors. They did offer lockers but it takes and saves your fingerprint as the identification which I, among others are not comfortable with. Finally, there were not enough lockers to accommodate the guests during an off-peak time (Sunday night). This is a very poor decision made based off of one incident. We can't danger-proof the world.

Those of you complaining and saying that most people follow the rules, tell that to the kid who got a 6" knife stabbed in his face as it fell off a roller coaster at Universal. He wasn't even on the ride, it flew out of some idiots pocket and hit him in the face, he will have a massive scar the rest of his life he could have been killed. And no i am not making that up, my wife works in the department that had to deal with the family and take them to the hospital .

We've already had problems with universal 's security
During hallowed horror nights and we haven't been back. They took away my 15 y/o's heavy bracelet
And wallet chain but we saw an intoxicated man with a wallet chain. We saw 2 other men with one as well. We had to go to security when we were ready to leave to retrieve his things. They tried to take away my dsighyrt's glucose tablets for her hypoglycemia. I had an empty refillable universal sports bottle in the bottle section of my backpack they they didn't want me to take in. Both
My kids were humiliated because they felt like they were treated like criminals. I tried to report this to universal but they just said they were seasonal help. No apology was given so I'm not sure that we will go back

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