Although we’ve discussed the pros and cons of selfie stick usage at Walt Disney World before, late last night news broke that Walt Disney World has officially notified Cast Members that policies regarding to loose articles (as they pertain to selfie sticks) are going to be enforced more uniformly across Walt Disney World's parks, effective immediately. 

It is important to note that as of right now selfie sticks are not banned at Walt Disney World, and policies regarding other loose articles (like canes, etc.) have technically always applied to selfie sticks. However, the way in which these policies are enforced is changing in some big ways. So what can selfie stick fanatics expect to see at Walt Disney World as part of this new crackdown?

1. Cast Members will now be on the lookout for selfie sticks at attraction entrances

When guests are carrying selfie sticks when they walk up to a ride or attraction, Cast Members are now being instructed to remind said guests that they will need to fold up or break down their selfie stick and make sure that the accessory is stowed in a safe place prior to boarding a ride or sitting down for a show. 

Though this is technically the policy that has always been in place in regards to any loose objects, Walt Disney World Cast Members are now being asked to specifically seek out selfie stick users in particular before they enter the queue  in an effort to stem usage of these potentially dangerous items on rides as well as other attractions.

While Cast Members at attractions will be keeping their eyes peeled for guests with these items, it is important to note that guests using selfie sticks outside attractions or at character meet and greets will not be spoken to or singled out, as the ban on loose items does not extend to the park at large. So if you really love using your selfie stick to take pictures in front of Cinderella Caste or with your favorite character around the World Showcase, fret not, as Cast Members will not make any mention of your selfie stick usage anywhere outside of an attraction. 



Mmmm...did you guys read the same post? All this is saying is that cast members ask guests to fold up or stow their selfie sticks prior to boarding a ride or watching a show. That's not going to stop anyone from stopping in the middle of a crowded walkway for a selfie, or blocking someone's fireworks view. This is non-news -- no loose objects on rides/shows has always been the policy -- nothing's changed.

Totally disagree with this ban when on vacation in the resorts they want pictures if I was told I couldn't take photos in the resort by phone or by camera I would never go back and that is pretty sad when it such a magical place

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good you don't need to go ride on rides with your selfie stick and loose it because you should be paying attention to the ride not taking pictures of yourself. I hope you never go and drop it on an intrusion mat that turns all the lights on, sending the guard rails up and employees running to see who got out of the attraction ruining everyone's else's experience. Believe me those systems exist because of dumb people like you. You paid to get in and so did everyone else. Your money is not better than anyone else's money and if your was better you could afford to rent the park out for you and your closest friends like some do. In that context you should have the right to take what ever photos are safe. That still does not apply to the rides. In Space Mountain things are close enough you can touch stuff if you are brave enough to do so. Yes I have reached out and felt the spinning tunnel and the guards they have to keep you from smacking your hands on the ride structure. So your selfie stick would actually get damaged by you having it out and might even strike someone below on another part of the track if you had it out. They you would wine and cry because you lost your stick and camera on the ride and want someone to go get it for you. When they brought it back smashed you would be the one to say nobody told me I should not have this out so I want you to pay for the damage your ride cashed to my piece of shit stick and camera I bought just for this trip. You would not care that management was dealing with the guest who was bleeding and had a serious injury essentially ending that families trip and now are getting x,y and z comped also because they got hurt because nobody made you secure your stupid stick and hard as fuck camera that shattered when it hit the cement down below. Oh you really need to be complaining about how you would not go back because you can not use your spectacular stupid stick that causes that much drama and running up ticket prices annually. If we could hit people like you with a stupid selfie stick and take your before and after pic to prove why that damn stick has no place in crowed places it would be amazing.

Good. Now universal needs to follow. It's ridiculous the amount of idiots that just stop in the middle of the path and takes selfies or pictures.

I think Its a good thing that they are doing this.

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