Lest you be under any false pretense that the current period of upheaval at Walt Disney World was over, two MORE attractions have been put on notice at Disney’s Hollywood Studios as well as Epcot. Though Disney has not confirmed either of these closures, well–placed sources (as well as some recent activity in these parks) make these rumors seem very credible, and we wouldn't be surprised to see official confirmation in the next few weeks. 

1. Innoventions West at Epcot 

Epcot's Innoventions West has already lost several exhibits over the past few months, including IBM THINK, and now speculation seems to indicate that this whole area may be closed for good by the summertime. WDW Magic reports that their source states that the last day of operation for this attraction will be in May of 2015, with only the Disney VISA character meet and greet potentially moving to a new location post-closure. 

Innoventions West has been rumored to be on the chopping block before (especially as it is notorious for attracting barely any foot traffic, even on busy park days), but considering the massive changes underway all over Walt Disney World, we’re inclined to believe this attraction will actually be closing for real this time. Exhibits that will be leaving along with Innoventions West will be The Great Piggy Bank Adventure, Where's The Fire and the Videogame Playground. 

Although it looks like the days are numbered for Innoventions West, there are no plans to modify or close neighboring Innoventions East, which currently houses the popular Sum of All Thrills exhibit. 



It might not be a bad idea to consolidate some of the less traveled exhibits to create a new themed innovations area people might be excited about, perhaps one based off of movie technology and science - Sci-fi to be precise. Epcot seems to have been intended to be a modern day world's fair of current and future technologies and I believe it would be an amazing addition to have an entire section that explains fact from fiction. It would surely be a hit! Imagine the possible attractions... Tony Starks arc reactor, what parts are science and what is currently fiction, is any company working on similar technology? How far have they gotten, what are the current applications? Etc... just one popular subject can fill that whole building. It might not be bad to change a low foot traffic area because it could turn into a really great attraction if the right people imagine it.

Wouldn't be surprised to see Innoventions get a Stark Industries makeover soon ... Like it's Disneyland counterpart... As Universal's contract with Marvel at Islands of Adventure is set to expire soon.

That would be great but universal own theme park rights to marvel east of the missippi (or however they spell it)

They can't build marvel east of California and West of universal

I love the Piggy Bank Adventure! It's shame EPCOT could be losing one of the things that originally made it great. EPCOT is supposed to be focused on the future, so I hope these closing are to better the future of this park.
Lights, Motors, Action! Is my favorite non fireworks show at HS and I *REALLY REALLY REALLY* hope it does not close- I would be horribly disappointed. There wold have to be something pretty spectacular there to fill it's shoes!

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