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3 Brand New Revelations About Disney Springs... and 1 Lingering Question

3. Kiosks will line the marketplace causeway

Though construction on the marketplace causeway has seemingly been completed for several weeks now, it looks like we finally know why construction walls have been blocking off this new walkway. Over the past few days, permanent sales kiosks, (like the two that sit outside Fulton’s Crab House) have begun to pop up. We don’t know exactly what will go inside these kiosks, but their construction means that we should at least be a little closer to the opening of this much-needed walkway.

Question: What is the holdup with The Hangar?

Construction began on the restaurant that is to become The Hangar several months ago, and is quite far along, with the restaurant’s distinctive façade taking shape over the past few weeks. New concept art even shows this new restaurant in The Landing, which is the first phase of Disney Springs to officially “open” later this year. So, why then, has this restaurant not been announced?

Clearly this project is going forward, but it’s bizarre that with construction so far underway, this project remains unannounced. Could there be an issue with hammering down the aviation theming? Is there some in-development feature (like The BOATHOUSE’s amphicars) that simply isn’t ready for prime time? No matter what the case is, we truly hope that after more than a year-long wait, The Hangar announcement is truly something amazing and surprising. 

Disney Springs has made some serious gains in the past few months, and is really starting to resemble the marketplace we saw in those concept renderings nearly two years ago. What part of Disney Springs are you most excited to check out?

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