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3 Things We'd Like to Know About Epcot's SECOND Confirmed Frozen Attraction

2. How much of Norway will be left in Norway?

As it stands right now, the Norway pavilion in 2016 will be home to two Frozen attractions, a princess-themed restaurant, a quick service snack stop and a gift shop. Though we won’t know exactly how these elements integrate together until 2016, the way things look right now, Norway is about to become Arendelle, with a few light Norweigian theming elements in the mix (which will likely be passed right over as kids run to check out the new Frozen attractions). 

Though we’ve speculated before about what putting a ride based on a fictional land in the World Showcase could mean for Epcot as a whole, this new information casts an even harsher light on these developments, as Frozen is essentially taking over the entire pavillion. While the Norweigian gift shop and dining establishments will remain, it's tough not to be a little bit cynical about these developments, as it seems everything Norweigian about the Norway pavillion is being brushed aside for the fictional land of Arendelle. 

3. Could we see similar expansions at other pavilions? 

It’s no secret that there is room for expansion at Epcot’s World Showcase. Over the years, many new countries have been rumored to be getting a pavilion at Epcot, but for various reasons (none of which are space), all of these plans have failed.

In lieu of building new country-based pavilions to utilize the extra space around the World Showcase Lagoon, could we see more IP-focused expansions at other countries? If the Frozen-ification of Norway proves to be a hit, it could serve as a green light of sorts for Disney to develop attractions based on fictional properties and shoehorn them into other pavilions.

Engaging in a little long-range speculation here, it would not be difficult to see Disney incorporating rides from other parks into different pavilions as a way to boost Epcot's ride count without investing heavily in developing new attractions (so, for example, Ratatouille from Disneyland Paris and Alice in Wonderland from Disneyland could both be easily duplicated at the France and UK pavilions, respectively).

Though the full plan to bring Frozen to Epcot is now coming into focus (and is still on track for a 2016 opening), these developments have raised more questions than they’ve answered. However, now that the cat is out of the bag about this new building, hopefully Disney will make an official annoucnement soon giving us some details about what we can expect from this newest Frozen attraction. 

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There are 7 comments.

Very disappointing to see Disney wasting so much property within the parks on Meet and Greets. Very disappointing. Certainly not the innovative and creative ideas/attractions/rides that I used to love as a kid.

Also, I truly hope that Norway stays as is (for the most part). I do not want to see the World Showcase turn into a Fictional World Showcase. WOW, would that be absolutely depressing to see. As I grew up going to Disney World, the World Showcase is one of those areas that I have grown to love more and more as I have gotten older.

I agree 100%, Just sounds like another cattle holding pen, giving a indoor , perhaps interactive and themed entrance is a cheap way to give the illusion of a new or better attraction.I hope the other web discussion boards light up like this too.

I'm curious now about what that means when the Food and Wine Festival comes around. All those little kids, and all those drunk adults...I still think this is very poor planning on the part of WDI.

I'm curious now about what that means when the Food and Wine Festival comes around. All those little kids, and all those drunk adults...I still think this is very poor planning on the part of WDI.

Just to prove that Disney can keep promises, I'm gonna assume that the attraction will empty out into that building, which will probably house an indoor Arrendale area. Lets just hope

In my opinion, Disney is going off the deep end with all this stuff based on the Frozen movie. Isn't it enough that they took away the Maelstrom ride to replace it with a Frozen ride? Now they are going to build a huge new structure for a meet and greet for Frozen characters and another Frozen ride?? This is very disappointing news indeed. Somehow, I don't think this is what Walt had in mind for Epcot. I can't wait until they announce plans for a Frozen hotel. Can't Disney keep one park geared for teenagers and adults instead of turning every park into a kiddie land of make believe??

One of the reasons of such a large meet and greet area....not one room! (Sorry to ruin the magic)The same with most of the other major meet and greets. (Mermaid ,Mickey, etc)


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