2015 is almost here, and it looks like it’s going to be a real banner year for theme park fans. This year will see several new roller coasters, dark rides and shows open at theme parks around the US, and we just can’t wait to experience all these awesome attractions.

1. Twisted Colossus

Park: Six Flags Magic Mountain

Twisted Colossus is a new hybrid steel coaster that uses the existing Colossus framework as a base. However, this new version will offer plenty of new thrills, with 18 airtime hills, two lift hills, two 80-degree drops, two zero-G roll inversions and a new “high five” element that will be a first for a hybrid coaster. You can see more in the virtual ride video below. 

2. Batman: The Ride

Park: Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Batman: The Ride is being billed as the world’s first “fourth-dimension” wing coaster, allowing riders to tilt and spin on their own axis on either side of a wing-style vehicle. This roller coaster also has an innovative elevator-style lift hill, and will catapult riders forward through reverse inversions and beyond-ninety-degree drops. Check out a video of this new intense ride below. 

3. Fury 325

Park: Carowinds

This new coaster gets its name from its initial imposing 325-foot lift hill, but there’s more to Fury 325 than just height. Once riders get to the top of Fury 325’s initial lift hill, they’ll descend at an incredible 81 degree angle, reaching a top speed of 95 mph in the process. When it opens later this year, Fury 325 will be one of the 10 fastest coasters in the world, but will still manage to clock an impressive 3 minutes ride time. You can check out a virtual “ride through” video below.


4. King Kong dark ride

Park: Islands of Adventure

Construction has been underway since September on on a new ride at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Known only as Project 340, guests have spied a massive show building visible from several tall attractions in the area, as well as from Universal’s own Cabana Bay Beach Resort. Though Universal has still not confirmed the existence of this project, well-sourced rumors all but confirm that this building will be part of a massive King Kong dark ride, which will anchor an all-new Skull Island area. With all the construction in the area, Universal will have to make their worst-kept secret official soon, so hopefully we'll learn more about this new ride in the next few weeks! 

5. Thunderbird

Park: Holiday World

Though Holiday World hasn’t exactly been on the map for thrill seekers, 2015 is the year that all changes. This new new $22-million launched wing coaster will launch from zero to sixty mph in 3.5 seconds along a 3,000-foot-long track that winds through thickly wooded hilly terrain. The ride will feature plenty of turns, a 14-story Immelmann loop, two banked turns, a zero-g roll, a barrel roll and a massive 125-foot loop. All while taking guests through several “near-miss” elements placed carefully along the track. Check out a virtual ride-through below.

6. Justice League: Battle for Metropolis

Parks: Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags St. Louis

Though characters from the Justice League have been the inspiration for roller coasters at Six Flags for many years, it looks like this DC-powered team is finally getting its own 3D dark ride at two Six Flags locations: Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags St. Louis. This attraction will see guests facing off against famous bad guys like the Joker and Lex Luthor in order to save imprisoned heroes like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. You can check out a video preview below. 

7. Voyage to the Iron Reef

Park: Knott’s Berry Farm

Voyage to the Iron Reef  is a new dark ride at Knott’s Berry Farm that will be an interactive shoot ‘em-up style ride, allowing guests to use special blasters  and face off against the Queen of the Kraken, who developed a taste for metal and is attempting to devour all the attractions at Knott’s Berry Farm. This new attraction boasts 600 feet of track that take guests through 11 different scenes and uses 4D technology to deliver an immersive experience.  Interestingly, the story will reportedly change depending on the actions guests take during the ride, making this one you’ll have to ride (and ride again) when it debuts in 2015.

8. Laff Trakk

Park: Hersheypark 

Laff Trakk is a funhouse-themed indoor spinning coaster that will  reach a top speed of 40mph and will feature black lights and glow-in-the-dark show elements.  The ride will of course offer a thrilling experience for guests but will also pay tribute to the five funhouses that have called Hersheypark home over the past 80 years. You can check out a POV video below. 


9. Fast & Furious: Supercharged

Park: Universal Studios Hollywood

Not strictly a ride itself, Fast and the Furious: Supercharged will be a new drive-through segment added on to the existing Universal Studios Hollywood backlot tram tour. This new ride segment will take guests through a 50,000-square-foot show building that combines a motion-based simulator platform as well as a 400-foot-long tunnel-like movie screen (which will features film actors from the Fast & the Furious film series) for an extremely immersive experience.

10. Paint the Night parade

Park: Disneyland 

Though Disneyand has not confirmed that Hong Kong Disneyland’s Paint the Night parade will be making its debut at the park next year, several well-placed sources have said that floats for this new parade are being readied, and this new parade will be unveiled as part of the Disneyland 60th anniversary celebrations. Rumors suggest that the Disneyland version of this parade will be longer, with more floats, but will retain the style (and interactivity) that made the Hong Kong version such a success. You can check out a video of the Hong Kong version (courtesy Attractions Magazine) below.



Interesting how Cannibal, North America's, and Possibly the World's, Record Breaking Tallest (208ft) Inverting Steel Coaster with the Steepest Beyond Vertical Drop (116 Degrees) was left off this List.

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