Though we took a look back last week at all the closures that 2014 brought, this past year has also been a great one for new attraction openings as well. Here are 10 of the biggest ride, show and attraction openings at theme parks around the world in 2014.

1. Banshee

Location: Kings Island

Opening Date: April 18 

The first major attraction opening of 2014 was also a record-breaking one. When Banshee opened at Kings Island this past April it became the world’s fastest inverted roller coaster, reaching a top speed of 68 miles per hour. Standing at 167 feet tall, with a first drop that plunges riders 150 feet, this 4,124-foot coaster looks as intimidating as its vital statistics suggest. In addition to its impressive size, Banshee also includes seven inversions including two vertical loops, a dive loop, a zero-g roll, a pretzel knot and an inline twist. 

2. New England SkyScreamer

Location: Six Flags New England

Opening Date: May 24

Standing more than 400 feet above the ground, the New England SkyScreamer is another record-breaking attraction, currently standing as the tallest swing in the world (though it won’t hold that title for long).  This swing spins riders at a modest 40 mph, and its impressive height gives guests some amazing views of the surrounding park. 

3. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Location: Magic Kingdom

Opening Date: May 28

2014 finally saw the completion of Walt Disney World’s New Fantasyland area at Magic Kingdom with the opening of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Part roller coaster and part dark ride, this attraction defies traditional categorization and was definitely worth the wait.

4. Goliath

Location: Six Flags Great America

Opening Date: June 19

Goliath is yet another record-breaking attraction, becoming the world's tallest, fastest and steepest wooden roller coaster when it opened this past June.  Standing at an imposing 165 feet tall, Goliath features a sharply-angled 45 degree lift hill,  a 180 foot drop at an 85-degree angle, a 180-degree zero-g roll and reaches a top speed of over 70 mph.

5. Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom

Location: Six Flags Great Adventure

Opening Date: July 4 

Six Flags Great Adventure is the site for the yet another record-breaking thrill ride that opened in 2014. Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom is the world's tallest drop tower and is mounted to roller coaster Kingda Ka. This drop attraction lifts riders 415 feet in the air, before sending them plummeting back towards the ground below at a white-knuckle 90 miles per hour.



Watched Falcon's Fury from the ground at BG Tampa, but was too chicken to get on it. :) Did ride on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. I agree that it was worth the wait!

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